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(They did never address that by the way)

Anyway, Justin is feeling so secure with all this that he made this weird ramble post.

His dear old dad was so mad he posted twice (misfired the first time) directly at Jayson.

We're still trying to work out what Justin is communicating to his attack dog... whether he has 24 aliases, or he meant 24 allies.

Anyway, the paranoia and insecurity on display is positively hilarious given his claims of everything going so well.

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Props to the person who highlighted the oddity of there being no signed copy of Duck's most famous product.

The question to me is... isn't this stuff the museum should be able to talk about owning, and what kind of vendor photographs this stuff on the carpet?

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Sure Jan.

Justin has been trying to upsell the parasite convention recently - including claiming tickets (which are explicitly unlimited on the site) are running out.

Oh no.

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If you pre-ordered Dungeon Crawl and are waiting on Justin to meet one of his many failed fulfilment promises - guess what, he's not shipping in March as promised.

Instead he wants you to go to his parasite convention and pick it up in person (don't forget photo id!).

That's assuming he doesn't sell your copy to a rando first, like did with the first batch they printed.

Well, like he got Ernie and Mick to.

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I'm guessing we're going to have to wait on this and the many other revolutionary products, etc.

I think this is why most people would rather than promise x thing coming soon when they haven't even started work on it.

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We also had a report by Tom about not just the hilarity of the many flaws with the "print proof" (weird none of TSR's games use the TSR Rating Meter) and some juicy insider things about how Justin had admitted he hates Dinehart, and was doxing him to other business associates.

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As a side note, since rebranding (predictably) to "TSR Con 2"/"TSR Con II" in order to go back on his promise not to run TSR Con during Gary Con (after all, Ernie will be at Gary Con and is fully booked already)... Justin has engaged in some of the worst graphic design possible and the Dave J move of inventing fictional authorities to endorse them.

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Dave J is still in hiding, though they released this hilariously bad looking "proof" from the printer, which looks suspiciously like either a bad PhotoShop job, or like they just glued paper on top of a plain white box (like Dinehart did for his specimen for GiantLands.)

They then, rather than show what the game is going to look like, posted a picture of people playing Thebes (2007) as evidence people play board games in the shop.

Bonus fail comment included.

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In a dazzling new display of insecurity, it seems Justin has bought him/his friends a participation trophy for his parasite convention (to leech off Gary Con, a con run by Gary's family) and declared it for TSR Con 2 "of Lake Geneva".

Does this mean he has secret plans to run multiple locations for TSR Con 2? New York? Hardwire Tattoo backroom? Dave Johnson's back yard?

I assume the mystery comment is Dave J trying to express his claim to it from behind all the privacy locks.

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As a side note, yes Dave J did make that weird attempt to claim that Don's social network would fail... again, Dave J's independent reach like that was six people so... kind of hilarious he thought it'd matter.

But shortly afterwards, he went back into hiding, locking down his profile so only his friends can see anything. Reducing his maximum reach to six people.

DHSM still has not updated their page listing - so his cowardly hubris remains on display.

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And yes, that was two #2 in there... confirming that Dave J is not just borderline illiterate but also effectively innumerate - yet is still somehow the best games designer that nuTSR can have partner with them.

Presumably he is still writing for them on a purely volunteer basis.

But it continued to get worse for Dave and none of his friend came to his support, and Don released a video calling him out and threatening legal action if he continued to harass.

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This probably drew DaveJ's attention to the fact that everyone had been rightfully mocking his recent attempts at short fiction, which are probably supposed to tie into Absolute Space... maybe... who knows.

There's no aliens with inflated titties or women using make-up to work magic so I guess isn't not Star Frontiers: New Genesis - but then Dave J isn't really reliable for much.

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Then well, it was pointed out "his" "new" product that was going to be on Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum (still no updates on Dungeon Crawl) was kinda shitty looking... and Don pointed out it was pretty much a shitty attempt to copy a product Don was working on and had discussed with the nuTSR crowd.

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Dave "The Nazis were right! I ❤️Nazis!" Johnson has had quite the day.

It started with him being called out for claiming that Wizard Tower Games had cancelled D20 Delving... bizarre since at this time Dave J had a reach of basically six people, who are all fellow bigots.

Still he went ahead anyway, and Don found out and called him out on it.

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It seems that, somehow a few days before pre-order was supposed to open - there are copies available for sale.

Oddly, the Amazon listing is currently available at 17% discount too.

Regardless, I think we can agree this is some of the worst copy in table top role-playing games.

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Don Semora has done a video reviewing Goblinz: Those Pesky Goblinz and that the Amazon copy, which nuTSR has been promoting, has Hobbits in it.

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For those who are tripping over themselves to cosplay being persecuted with their weird deliberate misinterpretation of diversity initiatives, please be aware this is who you're keeping company with.

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I feel awkward about the typos in these threads, but it's a comfort to know that it's almost impossible to make as many typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors and malapropisms as the NuTSR crew.

Not to mention um... no, that is not what it's "know" for... that would be being a non-viable business run by nazis trying to exploit the memory of TSR Inc... the products of which DHSM has nothing but contempt for.

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(Yes one of the products above has no actual connection to the Star Frontiers RPG... the one where Dave specifies RPG in the review)

In other news, Those Pesky Goblins is for sale a week ahead of pre-order opening.

Order on DHSM "with autograph"... listing on the store is still "Out of Stock" and no mention of an autography... or by who.

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Okay Twitter is now at the stage where I apparently need Twitter Blue to post more than a handful of tweets per day... it's the lowest value recording device from now on.

Anyway, Dave Johnson is going on a butthurt tantrum, leaving reviews for classic Star Frontiers products that were made by TSR "Golden Age" creators - indicating he's just now looking into what Star Frontiers is.

Roughly 1 year after he sent his "beta" of Star Frontiers: New Genesis for print.

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