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Hi! I'm Munkao, An illustrator and game designer from Malaysia. I'm the co-creator of A Thousand Thousand Islands.
I have not used any social media for years but I figure now is a good time to start.



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#UK folks, there's a petition to keep protection of transgender people in the equality act.

It's pretty scary being trans in this country at the moment, and we could use your help to protect our rights.

Feel free to share broadly/openly with others. Steal, boost, whatever. Let's get 100k signatures, please.


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One side of this bone rosary is the face of a living woman and the other is a grinning skull. The woman is wearing a wimple (a fashionable medieval headdress) and may be Mary. This object from c.1450-1550 was found in Queenhithe, City of London. Rosaries were outlawed in 1571 after the excommunication of Elizabeth I (Portable Antiquities LON-78B66F) #MementoMori #skull #medieval #archaeology #histodons #hitstory #MedievalMastodon #introduction

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This is yesterday’s fact which I couldn’t bring you - was in all a place with no connectivity - the future? you ask.


Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 26.

During hibernation bumblebee queens avoid freezing to death by producing glycerol which acts like antifreeze preventing water in their bodies turning into ice crystals.

‘Nature never breaks her own laws.’
- da Vinci

#bees #bumblebees #bee
#beesanctuaryireland #beesanctuary
#beesofmastodon #nature
#wildflowers #timetravel

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"Is this your hoard?" the princess said.
"Isn't it great?" said the dragon.
"Library cards?"
"Yes! Every library in the kingdom, and many others too."
"But... Why not just hoard books?"
"I am. But this way, my hoard is much larger than what I could fit in my lair."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I like to draw character sheets. Most of them are sheets largely compatible with older versions of or new clones of it.

I starting doing these types of sheets around 2016 and they feature heavily in my zine Black Pudding.

I have also created character sheets based on Troika!, DCC, Whitehack, and a few other commissioned sheets for games that escape my mind at the moment.

You can see most of my sheets here:


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A danger in celebrating past glories is you may despair, knowing there are good times you cannot relive. This makes even happy memories bittersweet. Chancellor Gorkon said the future is the Undiscovered Country. I say go forth and discover it, and make new glories to celebrate.

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Hi everyone! Just published a blog post about #PixelArt, "A guide to creating pixel-art assets (part 1)"! I'll make a series of it, with at least a couple more entries planned. Hopefully this will be useful for pixel-artists out there 💚❤️️


Thanks to @eishiya for the idea of talking about asset formats, that got me thinking and (amongst other things) made me decide to start making this guide.


#GameDev #GameAssets

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So it just occurred to me as I digitally walk through my writings on historical video games, history education, and history in the wild that I should at least touch on gamingthepast.net/
I started this site about 12 years ago to collect my writings on historical games but also provide links etc. for those interested, a bibliography, etc.
#GamingthePast There's a lot there (all free). Check it out; tell your friends.

Last night was A Thing That Happened. Oi.

It's nice to see so many posts and pictures about Dragonmeet, it's been a lovely distraction from Thing That Happened ~

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Christmas is coming!
Ghostly Tales of Japan, my collection of 30 original yūrei and yōkai seories is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle editions from all Amazon marketplaces. amazon.com/Ghostly-Tales-Japan
Also as an eBook from Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Apple, OverDrive, Tolino, Vivlio, BorrowBox, Kobo, Scribd, Bibliotheca & Hoopla at this link:

#yurei #yokai #ghost #ghoststories #horror #JapaneseGhosts #christmasgiftideas #Christmasgifts

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@Alphastream I think species is far better. It's accurate for a start, and only feels unfamiliar. Why try to have a different word for something that already has a correct word.

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One of the first tech explorations i did for "Borscht".

In NES graphics, there's no intuitive way to cause a *vertical* scroll split like shown here.

Instead in this case, forest tiles to the left & right get bankswapped with position shifted content. This means the far backround *appears* to stay put, but it is really scrolling.

This costs quite a bit of ROM and is usually best done sparingly for a visual treat unusual on the system.

#PixelArt #GameDev #RetroGaming #NES

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