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An updated/forked version of the Swords & Wizardry Treasure Generator for your use in your D&D games.


Blog post explaining the updates.


(Please boost, or post to S&W related places? Thank you!)

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Today I have uploaded this clockwork hound, which I did for the monster "Balehound", created by @taichara in the zine Kristin Saint-Clair's Little Book of Beasts: taichara.itch.io/kristin-saint

You can use it along with Taichara's own license which covers the lore and the system-agnostic stats, or create your own creature, abilities and name for it in your own publication.


#TomeOfSalvaterra #ttrpg

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If you're a legacy verified user on Twitter, beware: A phishing email is playing on the news that original verified users will lose their blue check marks on April 1. I tapped on the "Read verification policy" button, thinking this may be real, and it took me to a Twitter sign-on page that was not on a Twitter URL. Fortunately, It didn't attempt to place malware on my iPhone, but it could have.

Be careful out there, and please boost.

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Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.

# 108.

Research found that tomato plants flowered up to 30 days earlier in response to their leaves being chewed by hungry #bumblebees.
When this behaviour was mimicked by cutting the leaves they only flowered 5 days earlier!


#beesofmastodon #bees
#beesanctuaryireland #beesanctuary #solitarybees #savingbees #science #naturephotography
#nature #organic #vegan

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Painting Space Marines is out. Painting Space Marines painting Space Marines is in.
#40k #spacemarines #minipainting #3dprinting

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OSR News Roundup for March 27th is now live, featuring a selection of the newest OSR and indie #ttrpg releases. thirdkingdomgames.com/post/osr #osr #dnd #indiegame

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Today, little is know with certainty about the purpose and function of early representative architecture of Uruk, among which the so-called “Stone-Cone Building” is perhaps one of the most puzzling examples.

The construction technique utilised is without parallel, neither in Uruk itself nor anywhere else in the world. The walls of the “Stone-Cone Building” are decorated with hundreds of thousands of coloured stone cones, immured in geometric patterns into the walls.

🔗 artefacts-berlin.de/portfolio-

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@emilydingwrites There's a 50 - 100m wide track of scrubland separating our neighborhood from Hengyuan refinery. It's sprung up around the old PD-Seremban train tracks, so it stretches through Port Dickson.

If ever there was an ideal case for Carbon Offsets, this could be it. As in, the emittor - oil refinery - is directly next to the potential carbon sink.

For us, reforesting that stretch would mean a green buffer from the refinery. I can see it clearly but don't know how to make it happen

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Since getting into the academic zone of tumblr, I've found some real jewels:

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How Seattle-area shops and buyers can stop enabling fake Native art

"We in the Native community are fighting back really hard against the misrepresentation that we’ve had for so long," said Colleen Echohawk, CEO of Seattle-based Native lifestyle brand Eighth Generation.

-->> seattletimes.com/entertainment

#Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon

Spent almost all my time between runs at work last night typing up longhand stuff on my tablet. (bluetooth keyboards are a godsend.) Fri night, also.

I think tonight, though, I may need a bit of a break ... >.>;; also it's wet and gross and I'm aching already.

Maybe I'll reread more of Red Sea Scrolls. And no that's not a typo, lol.

Also, thinking of maybe (Crack! stats?) wee dragon stats/writeups for April A to Z, but undecided ...

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The witch woke up to see a ghostly cat standing on her chest.
"All right," she muttered. "Take me there."
The ghost led her to the forest, where, under a shrub, she found the cat.
It was badly injured; eight ghosts of lost lives watched her heal it.
"Only one left, now."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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Mosses and lichens down the archery range this morning. They make up most of the green that's currently visible in the wood, but there's also now some signs of growth to come - baby bluebells and young foxgloves among the leaf litter, catkins and hawthorn buds sprouting in the hedges. #Mosstodon

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