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Kind of a grab bag in this week's but I'm okie with that -- sometimes dungeons just work out that way, after all X3

Do I know anyone (directly or indirectly) who is an expert on printings of the old AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide? I have one here that according to should not exist. Well, either that, or I am simply not smart enough to properly identify it. Boosts welcome!

When I lack inspiration in

Roll on one of three d% tables to determine a room’s general contents: monster, treasure, trap, interesting variation, or empty. The tables are derived from guidelines given in three 1977 publications of the world’s most superlative role-playing game.

For a one-third chance of monsters throughout the underworld, use the BLUEBOOK table. To differentiate between built dungeon areas and natural caves and caverns, switch between the DUNGEONS and CAVES tables.

If we made nice with the Vulcan Forge Priests (32), they might have warned us against mounting the stairs to the Daemning Gate. If they thought us trustworthy and capable allies, they might have shown us their battle plans.

In addition to the skeleton archers and rock-throwing zombies, the gnolls (71), who saw our light, begin shooting arrows from the North Rim (72). The adept has a darkness spell and a bladder of burnt lime.

3/3 Both, dam and fortified drinking hall, are dwarf-built. The hall is named “Heillwaegg Daemningstadr Drekkenhal.” In the common tongue: “Drinking Hall of the Blessed Wall in Dam’s Site.”

Michigan. Driving in the country—years ago, back when the price of gas allowed for a drive in the country—I stopped in a tiny town at a diner. In the front, a row of Harley Davidson’s leaned on kickstands in the dirt parking lot. Behind, a dam held a lake up.
The town’s name was Hell. The biker pool-hall diner, the Dam Site Inn. I thought that was funny as—you know. So when, during my peregrinations in Deep Dungeon Doom, I discovered a dam in view of a drinking hall…? Well, I had to.

1/3 A common refrain, accompanied by curses, overheard by zombies manning the wall: “They couldn’t ‘ve made these stairs any more difficult to climb.”

Indeed, uneven risers, jagged nosings, treads of differing lengths and widths—dwarf masons carved the stairway approach to the fortified drinking hall to impede invaders. A purpose further fulfilled by a machiolation (not shown) at parapet top above the door.

Got sidetracked yesterday making a death trap. It's a pit trap... 110 feet deep. I made it so it may be avoided and, if the warning is ignored, there is a chance to survive. Even two chances. If you get the second chance, though, you got trouble.

tl;dr You can search for treasure at the bottom of Sunday’s Sludge Pit.

Doom’s Door: Death Trap Design

78. Sludge Pit

Running through the trash heap in 77 Central Rift Floor, the stream turns to a thick sludge. It fills a 20' deep pit before the rough-carved stairs. I don’t know if there’s treasure in there and I ain’t keen to find out.

I might have mentioned it before. Tomorrow, we mount the stairs to discover the origin of the subterranean fortress.

🐍CITY OF THE COBRA: Cobra Palace🐍
Can't have a city named like that without a huge menacing cobra overlooking it. Cities should work like that.
I'm not gonna lie: Skeletor's Snake Mountain marked my taste on villain's lairs!
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Of course there's treasure in the trash heap! That's why I asked you about the ten-foot pole...

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77 Central Rift Floor

a. Destroyed catapult. Three round rocks lay beside. Time and the ochre jelly have been at work on the war machine. Irreparable.
b. Natural chimney, up (135') to 2c Auditorium, Grate.
c. Trash heap and stream. The gnolls toss their waste from 72 North Rim. Fire beetles burrow into the heap to make a nest. The stream, clear water from the South Rim, becomes a reeking mess.

🐍CITY OF THE COBRA: Pool of Serpentis🐍
It comes serpent people are made, not born! To become physically powerful, ageless, and superior in law to other citizens just for the low price of blindly obeying Serpentra's orders! Also, unlimited free rat snacks.
#Dungeon23 #TTRPG #OSR #BlackSwordHack

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3.17. East Statue
Esah, the Pious. A pale body, huddled and naked. Their face is cupped in their hands.

Roll even: Breaking their vow of silence, Esah spoke to their god and cast light upon the great betrayer.

Roll odd: In an act of deception, Esah called out to warn the great betrayer when their capture was thought certain.

#dungeon23 #ttrpg #dnd #osr

[3/3] 76 East Reach
…Close rift walls, then the North Rim, 110' from the floor. We don’t see the South Rim around a corner, 80' high. There—the ceiling, 130' above, just as the arrow reaches its apex. Descending, it illuminates a fortified structure—a veritable castle wall—merlons claw the dark beyond. The arrow strikes the rampart, bursting in a flash of light, sparks raining down. As the last light fades, we get a glimpse of the gatehouse in silhouette.

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[2/3] 76 East Reach
For the polite asking and a generous donation, the forge priest might cast a light spell on an arrow for us. A short bow will do—though the range is long. We instruct the archer: the dwarven drinking hall is 105' distant, its parapet 95' high, and we want to see it. The loosed arrow arcs high and away from us. Silence pervades, as we focus our sight on the fast-passing scene…

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[1/3] Wandering Monsters, Laughing Rift (56-…)
d12; 2 turns
1. Ochre Jelly
2. 2-16 Fire Beetles, nest in central rift, live on gnoll’s refuse
3. 1-6 Robber Flies, prey on fire beetles
4. 1-3 Carrion Crawlers, scavenge
5. Draco Lizard, lost, hangs on the walls, swoops down to attack
6. 1-6 Harpies, lair on a ledge near the ceiling
7. Normal Rats, thousands, attack only if commanded w/ control animal potion
8. 2-16 Zombies, animated by Chaos Cult priests, on patrol
9-12. None


Day 76 - Cellar Entrance in the Warden's House (Crystal Mine)

The secret meeting place with the butler is in the basement of the mansion. Couldn't there have been another place?

Tag 76 - Kellereingang im Haus des Aufsehers (Kristallmine)

Der geheime Treffpunkt mit dem Butler ist im Keller des Anwesens. Hätte es nicht einen anderen Ort geben können?

#BrendanFraser is a righteous dude.

In November 2007 our paychecks stopped. I was the FX lead on #JourneyToTheCenterOfTheEarth for Meteor Studios in Montreal and was asked to convince my crew to stay and finish the picture with a guarantee we'd all get paid with overtime. We had a handfull of shots left.

As soon as we delivered the last shot, we were escorted out. It was two weeks before Christmas and we'd soon learn there was no money. Meteor was declaring bankruptcy.

They owed us 1.3 million dollars.

Variety put their best reporter on it and after many artists and support staff bravely came forward, I got this short terse email:

"The paper(Variety) has decided that another visual effects company going bankrupt, however sad, is really not news worthy at this time"

I kept trying to get help from the Hollywood press. I realized it wasn't just Variety's decision, no one wanted to touch the story. My guess was the studio had put pressure on them to bury it.

Finally, I made that rejection quote from Variety the headline of our own press release, and hired a PR company to release it. One artist, Eric Labranche, made a website for us to communcate with each other and vote, many others helped as well.

Then I tried to get the attention of Brendan Fraser, the star and executive producer of the movie. I called his "people" from IMDB pro. They said they'd tell him, they did not.

24 hours after the release, I got a threatening email from Variety and a call. I hung up. I then got a call from Les Normes the labor dept in Canada. They told me not to go to the press it would ruin our case. I hung up on them to. Then the phone rang again and it was this fast talking New York City gal with a heavy brooklyn accent. She was excited that I'd called Fraser's people and had gotten no response from him.

It was page six of the Post, the gossip page, but we'd take it. She said the story would be live on the website within the hour. Exactly one hour later there it was:

My phone rang as I was reading the piece, a 212 area code, I answered to thank the girl, but a man answered and he said. "Is this Dave Rand?" I said "Yes".

"This is Brendan Fraser, what the fuck is going on?"

He had no idea that artists were not paid on his movie. He listened intently, asked a lot of questions and promised he would call me regularly until this was solved.

First, he called the Post to tell all:

A vfx wave began to form. Branden kept his promise, he publically campaigned for us. The media, especially Variety, even started to cover our story. Thank you David Cohen.

We finally got 80% of our money almost 2 yrs later.

To quote the great Steve Hulett : "What runs the world isn't what's right, or who's the richest, it's leverage, and who has it."

We'd had none, but Mr Fraser gave us wings.

He's a righteous dude.

These days, I'm very selective, if I've chosen to work there you can bet they're moving in the direction

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