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Friends! The Forge of Foes Kickstarter is now live! Come check out the 30 page preview and back the Kickstarter for a fantastic book of tips, tricks, and guidance for building, modifying, and running awesome 5e monsters!

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HI friends! I'm a D&D and RPG writer with a focus on helping DMs run great D&D games!

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Sly Flourish YouTube video: Forge of Foes Previews, DDB Appearance, Antifragile RPGs, Desires for WOTC – Lazy RPG Talk Show

tip: Build combat encounters that show off what the characters can do.

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Book) Hardcover

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tip from the archive: When playing a public game, keep your game accessible to those with disabilities. How will it run for someone vision impaired?

tip: Give your players time to plan and prepare for large scale attacks against defensible positions.

tip from the archive: First and formost, players want to watch their characters do cool stuff.

tip: Plan for one scene for every 45 minutes of gameplay.

One week left to back Forge of Foes, @slyflourish, @Alphastream and @scottfgray's handy guide to quick-and-dirty #DnD5E monster creation! If it's half as good as Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master, it'll be one of the most valuable items in your DMing toolbox—and it's got three times the brains behind it. #DnD

tip from the archive: What makes your dungeon unique among all other dungeons? What is its overall big trait?

tip: Give the players options at the end of a session so you can focus your prep on their decision.

tip from the archive: When running online, use the tools that help you share the story and omit those that use up more time and energy than they're worth.

tip: Enemies don’t always act optimally. They can be as confused as the characters are.

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