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“Species” wouldn’t be my first choice, because its real-world usage ties it to biology, and that seems limiting in the context of what can show up in a fantasy game. (As an easy example, it doesn’t feel quite right for creatures like ardlings or warforged.) But this is good.

@slyflourish “Lineage” is my go-to. It’s reasonably common and doesn’t have quite the same “Wait, is this referring to culture or biology?” issue that “ancestry” has.

So in addition to working on amazing RPG stuff with other amazing people for 18 years now, I’ve been working on and playing a game of my own since the spring of 2010.

And I’ve decided that you all need to hear more about it, starting tomorrow.

This is going to be fun.

Inspired by a recent @slyflourish post about magic items, I thought I would share a magic item I made for a player in my Tyranny of Dragons game.

How to leave Twitter but keep your followers

Thanks to Elon Musk’s rather erratic approach to free speech, employee relations, subscriptions, parodies and disinformation, a lot of people have taken to Twitter to declare that they are leaving Twitter. They will find it hard. This is not because Twitter is addictive; for most people it is not. It’s because Twitter gives them something t


New UA with the Cleric, revised _ Species _ rules for the Ardling, the Dragonborn, and the Goliath.

Note that there are two unlisted videos. One about the species and one about the spells in the rules glossary and the new rules.

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Have now read (and re-read) the most recent playtest piece of One D&D:

They are absolutely leaning harder and harder into "Species is your physiology and some magic instilled in that physiology at creation/origin. Culture goes in backgrounds".

If they fix up "racial languages" to mirror this, and keep hard to this lean, we might actually achieve escape velocity from bioessentialism.

tip from the archive: Good player-driven travel montages can be as memorable as any other scene in your game. Embrace them!

tip: Prep interesting and unique magic items for each of the characters. Reward them when the time and situation is right.

One of the more interesting things in today's One D&D playtest video was all the stuff about dragonborn. Not breath weapons rating poorly (I thought we all liked the Fizban version; why not go with that?), but that they still fully intend for the Fizban dragonborn options to be fully operable and comparable with the 2024 PHB version. That tells me that backwards compatibility remains a key aspect of the 2024 revisions. #dnd #dnd5e #OneDnD Plus, today you can hear me and Ang talking about #VTT software and using it for you #DnD game on our very own THAC0 with Advantage.

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tip from the archive: Don't give a job to an NPC that can be given to a PC instead.

tip: Combine multiple random encounters together to build something rich and unique.

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