After months of work, we finally have the first volume of the Manual of Adventurous Resources series ready to go! The first volume covers wilderness character and adds 4 heritages, 9 cultures, 5 archetypes, a synergy feat chain, and 10 spells to Level Up!

@tellingtales For some reason I'm surprised to learn that Trent Reznor is into TTRPGs.

I just released the second entry in my Thematic Toolkit line. This month I have the Cultist, which contains the Execrator cleric archetype who metes out divine wrath with curses and debuffs and the Vestigialist warlock, which taps into the power of faded divinity. And as always, there's also a full 3-feat synergy feat chain. The Heretodox Devotee chain allows you to blend cleric and warlock into a unified whole. And just like the last installment, this is only $3!

My first published product, released last summer, was Multiclass Feats, which is exactly what it sounds like: a set of feats for every 2-class combo of the 12 base classes in O5E.

So I suppose I should promote my stuff since I'm using my company name here!

My most recent self-published product is Thematic Toolkit: Arcane Avenger. It brings the "sorcadin" into A5E as a guardian of reality. New herald and sorcerer archetypes and a synergy feat chain!

My plan is to use both alongside the default magic system as dangerous, obscure power sources that exist on magic's fringes. And I also cant resist the idea of cultists with oversized hands with five fingers and two thumbs, each with seven phalanges.

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What system-neutral resources do y'all like for your games? I've been eyeing The Book of Gaub from Lost Pages and As the Gods Demand from Feral Indie Studio for my upcoming Level Up game as sources of creepy forbidden magic that works differently than the A5E norm.

@morrus If this ever gets to the point where it's worth it to hire a person with more graphical skills to make a logo than you (or me!), I humbly submit this image:

@morrus Maybe get a train in the logo somehow? Or at least one of those steam whistles?

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