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I am not sure but i am disappointed by and are ignoring authors.

I thoght that they has higher moral cod and bigger responsibility

My Etinerra generator... 766k size. 21,446 lines - probably 5% are blank/comments, so roughly 20k lines of content.

I'm at the end-end, starting to hate/love it. The end of the TODO list is in sight, maybe 3 hours more work?

I can generate for any hex, AD&D/1e based, campaign-canon, including if the hex has road, river, lake or is a coastal hex. I went deep.

It's been quite a journey. Now to play enough so that hexes need to be generated, huh? :D

#ttrpg #hexdescribe #generator #dmtools

My mother's best friend took me out to lunch on my 28th birthday and punched a seagull that was trying to take the butter, but this here sounds like a #horror movie.


I continue to pick the electronic brain of ChatGPT... I regret nothing.

A table of new magical staves for high-level magic users. Would be a little more useful if I'd spent more than 2-1/2 minutes on it, but it is what it is. This is fun.

#ttrpg #Dnd #osr #dnd5e

I really liked D&D 4e a lot, but it had rough spots, and I think I just realized one that had slipped my attention - 4e (accidentally) devalued player learning, which is a huge problem when learning is such an essential part of emotional and intellectual investment in a game.

This struck me while I was thinking about low level spells. A kind of key thing about D&D is that they never *stop* being useful, no matter your level. #dnd

Q: What’s your number one piece of #ttrpg worldbuilding advice?

A: Don’t do it alone. If you’re creating a world for personal use, discussing it with your players and asking for input both lessens your creative load and gives your players greater investment in the world and the story.

If you have done just one of these three things:

1) Worked in industry for 10 years
2) Earned an MBA
3) Paid the slightest bit of attention to any business or economic news in the past week

You would be able to dispense with the silly idea that corporations are coldly rational actors that optimize resource usage.

I gotta say we are in a surreal world where someone can say D&D business effects Hasbro stock and they may have a valid point.

Curious. If do Wizard of Oz - will they change genders of witches and Dorothy to be more gender - equal ? sometimes it is weird.

@gsllc if I had a billion dollars, I’d buy D&D and put all the SRDs in the public domain.

I don't want to boost ANYONE, but there is a follow-up post circulating that indicates that the "source" for the feedback comments ACTUALLY meant that they did read feedback UNTIL OneD&D, and then, they really meant that Perkins and Crawford don't personally read comments.

As a result of russian artillery shelling, 2 apartment buildings and 28 private houses were damaged today in the #Kharkiv region. — Head of the Kharkiv military garrison of the AFU.

Maybe it's obvious, but I just realized the underlying reason that WotC wants to kill the OGL1.0a is that they returned to it for 5E *without* an accompanying d20STL. So rather than talking about "D20 System Games," third party material is habitually associated explicitly with D&D, because d20 wasn't there as shorthand.

1. I am surprised that WotC came this far with their concessions with the first document. Not including the basics for classes almost feels like an intentional bargaining chip for "round two."

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I would also ask everyone to remember that they said this was the start of a conversation. This isn't their final offer, and I suspect that some of this was, indeed, held in reserve so they could give up more concessions in the process.

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Four reasons why henchmen and hirelings have mostly disappeared from #DnD:

1. With scripted stories assuming the PCs survive every fight anyway, there is less use for extra help.

2. Wilderness expeditions disappeared.

3. 3rd edition combat was too complex to handle a dozen additional fighters.

4. 3rd edition locked henchmen behind a feat that requires 6th level and you always only get 1. It also provides low level followers, creating the false impression you need it to have hirelings.

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