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Spelljammer and Dragonlance are coming. There's one more classic setting planned. Which do you think it is?

Having not done a Kickstarter since November, I’d forgotten about the spam deluge you get from promotion outfits. It’s all come rushing back!

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If you weren't there live, you can still see the Star Crossed Seaway, Episode 1! It came out hilarious!

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So I suppose I should promote my stuff since I'm using my company name here!

My most recent self-published product is Thematic Toolkit: Arcane Avenger. It brings the "sorcadin" into A5E as a guardian of reality. New herald and sorcerer archetypes and a synergy feat chain!

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Game in a toot: Post a BnW picture of yourself pretending to hold a famous object in your hand (like a landmark), post the picture on twitter claiming to have stolen the object using a shrink ray and demand a ransom of a certain number of Boosts, you win when the ransom is paid.

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Updated the map for my homebrew setting. We're jumping the timeline forward 2 years for a new generation of heroes. It'll start once our physical a5e books arrive.

Fun fact: this ongoing setting started in early 2000, before the actual release of D&D3e. We used rumored piecemeal rules cobbled from the earliest days of ENWorld. We had 31 major/minor deities, each representing a rumored domain. Some of the domains didn't even make it into the actual 3e product!

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The PDF of Dyson's Book of Swords is out.

Backers from last month's Kickstarter should have received the link already.

If you aren't a backer and just want the PDF, it is available to the public now!

The files are off to the printer, so we'll be seeing the print books soon!


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Been working a lot on my Youtube Channel lately and would appreciate a signal boost for my new video series!

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Tormond Tower

This cliffside cavern has been expanded and worked with a number of chambers and a pair of shrines and then a tower was constructed to secure the entrance to the cavern. The tower starts half in the cliff face and stands ten feet taller.

There isn't a terms of use yet, but I've made a start on a declaration of intent in the meantime. Basically: inclusive, diverse, no toxicity. Feedback welcome!

What do we think of "TableToot" as a name?

Big day today for us at ENP today!
- new Kickstarter launches at 4pm BST
- first ever official AP launches on Twitch at 3pm EDT
- today’s the day all the US A5E books are due to arrive in port!

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