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Gotta run the announcement draft past the lawyers first, but big things are afoot!

This is very much 'in development' and will almost certainly change before publication, but it gives an idea of where it's going. As you can see, it's a very simplified version.

The CC thing isn't a giveaway. It's a take-back. The amount of available content just decreased.

Whether or not the Open Game License v1.0a is revocable is one of the main things being argued about during this whole OGL-gate crisis, with lawyers firmly stating opinions on both sides of the issue.

Like everybody else in the Open Gaming community, we at EN Publishing have been scrambling to understand what WotC's leaked plans mean for us as a company, and how best to proceed forward. We feel a deep responsibility not only to our customers, creator community, freelancers, and employees, but also to the wider Open Gaming community. We have been publishing under the OGL for over 20 years, supporting and expanding the game we love.

Lots of people contacting us an asking what the OGL stuff means for Level Up and what our plans are. The answer is that we don’t know yet.

With the current OGL uncertainty, we have brought forward the digital release date of the DDG from March to now. The PDF is available from our online store. The hardcovers are still scheduled for March.

So it's no big fish, but we'll adopt a difference license to open up the WOIN rules (which currently use the OGL).

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The next entry in the Monster ENCyclopedia series is now available at ENWorld. It covers the will-o'-wisp and the wisp's extensive family of relatives:

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I was there was the original OGL was created. I know first hand how hard those drafting it tried to sincerely make it so that it would last forever and would never screw over anyone that used it. So when we decided to create a Cypher System open license with the same goals, of course we used the OGL as a model. And now after two days of potential WotC shenanigans, people are looking at our open license as though it's dodgy. Sigh.

BTW, I would suggest that everybody who thinks they might one day want to release an OGL v1.0a product do so immediately, even if it's just a single feat in a text file or something (note you need to 'use' some OGC to accept the offer). That way you will have accepted the OGL v1.0a. It might be useful to have done so in the future.

The OGL doesn't say *who* can authorize or deauthorize it, or how that process can happen. So if WotC deauthorizes it, I will promptly authorize it. So will my dog.

(this is a joke, BTW)

(unless a lawyer tells me it will work)

Lots of OGL publishers looking at Paizo right now to see what they do.

I reached out to the architect of the original Open Gaming License, former VP of Wizard of the Coast, Ryan Dancey and asked his opinion about the current plan by WotC to 'deathorize' the current OGL in favour of a new one.

“I also had the goal that the release of the SRD would ensure that D&D in a format that I felt was true to its legacy could never be removed from the market by capricious decisions by its owners.” — Ryan Dancey, architect of the original OGL.

Join us as we journey through the Dragonlance adventure which launched it all in 1984 -- Dragons of Despair!

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