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There isn't a terms of use yet, but I've made a start on a declaration of intent in the meantime. Basically: inclusive, diverse, no toxicity. Feedback welcome!

What do we think of "TableToot" as a name?

Big day today for us at ENP today!
- new Kickstarter launches at 4pm BST
- first ever official AP launches on Twitch at 3pm EDT
- today’s the day all the US A5E books are due to arrive in port!

This thing needs better branding. A name! "Tabletop Chatter from EN World" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue! I guess it should say 'tabletop' in it though. TableChat? TableChirp? TableToot?

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For those who need it:

If you have Notifications open, click on the little lines in the upper right to bring up a Settings menu. You can then go through each notification type and click Play Sounds. This will turn off the damn beeping.

OK, let's get this thing going. Tell me what your favourite is!

We expect it will be a small, friendly community. We're not out to rule the world, just to make a space we'd like to be in.

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It's early days and this thing will evolve. We'll be looking at an inclusive code of conduct, representation in the moderator team, zero tolerance of toxic content.

My second chirp is twice as good as my first. Also hashtags!

This is my first chirp. Or toot. It's quiet in here!

TableToot: Chatter for Tabletop Gamers

Tabletop gaming chatter in a moderated space. An inclusive community we'd like to hang out in.