A quick look at the pregen character layout in the upcomg WOIN starter set. Note that this is an early draft, and the final may well change a little.

Let's have your listener questions for this week's show! Anything TTRPG related (but not about our products) and we'll try to answer them on the podcast!

Multiclassing, Feats, and Ability scores are now on the A5ESRD. a5esrd.com/a5esrd

I know of some really awesome folks, but I’m curious who folks consider the go-to TTRPG journalists/reporters out there? (As in the actual reporters not the outlets). I want to make a follow list. Specifically I’m talking news coverage rather than editorial pieces.

This one was a big doc, so props go to Paul Hughes and his team.

Equipment doc (70 pages) now added to the A5ESRD


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This is HUGE! #RPG #TTRP Alert!

The gloriously epic #dnd5e #5e Campaign by #ENPublishing @morrus is on the #BundleOfHolding !
Get it right now! This is NOT a drill.
By the Light and my hope of salvation, I promise, you will NOT regret this one:


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The million dollar TTRPG Kickstarters have really slowed down. At one point they were coming in at about one every month, but we haven't seen one since August/September 2022 (unless I'm missing one?)


Today Tuesday, at 7pm GMT (2pm Eastern) will be the 7th and penutimate episode of AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS, a livestreamed classic Dragonlance campaign!


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Weird hypothetical a friend and I were discussing. If you wanted to coin a new term, made up from whole cloth, and it’s definition, how would you go about ‘seeding’ it on the internet? Slip it into Wikipedia articles? Make a web page for it? I assume a person can’t post it enough in conversations all over the web for it to have an impact so it would need shortcuts of some kind. (No we don’t want to actually do it, it’s just a fun conversation).

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Interview with Kyle Brink on the OGL and D&D Studio

I interview Kyle Brink to discuss the #OGL, the #DnD Studio, what WotC has learned, and much more!

Listen to the Podcast: masteringdungeons.podbean.com/

Watch on YouTube:

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Jessica and I will be on Twitch in under 10 minutes talking to Fantasy Grounds about all things Level Up and maybe some other stuff but maybe not. twitch.tv/fantasygrounds

We are running very low on stock of Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition core rulebooks!
Get 'em now before we run out!


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