A quick look at the pregen character layout in the upcomg WOIN starter set. Note that this is an early draft, and the final may well change a little.

Today Tuesday, at 7pm GMT (2pm Eastern) will be the 7th and penutimate episode of AGAINST THE DRAGONLORDS, a livestreamed classic Dragonlance campaign!


Gotta run the announcement draft past the lawyers first, but big things are afoot!

These arrived from the awesome @slyflourish recently. Really looking forward to diving in properly!

Back home after a very successful Dragonmeet. We did better there than at the much larger UKGE earlier this year. Not sure why, but we’re not complaining!

Join us at Stand 39, lower trade hall, Dragonmeet today!

Somebody just stuck their tongue in my mouth.
Yes, him.

We'll be at Dragonmeet in that there London in a couple of weeks. We will have things to sell! Not the things in the photo. Different things. Come and say hello to us. Or don't. We're not your boss.

(This photo from a couple of years ago showing me, Jessica Hancock, John White, and Andrew Peregrine -- this year it will be me and Jess again, plus Xin, and Al).

Spelljammer and Dragonlance are coming. There's one more classic setting planned. Which do you think it is?

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