Weird hypothetical a friend and I were discussing. If you wanted to coin a new term, made up from whole cloth, and it’s definition, how would you go about ‘seeding’ it on the internet? Slip it into Wikipedia articles? Make a web page for it? I assume a person can’t post it enough in conversations all over the web for it to have an impact so it would need shortcuts of some kind. (No we don’t want to actually do it, it’s just a fun conversation).

@morrus Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen.

Wikipedia, Urban dictonary and get a bunch of mates to use it on any social media they can, bonus if you can get a celeb to repost/share.

@morrus You would introduce it to an existing clique or subculture, and let it proliferate there. For instance I created this on TVTropes, now found in the wild

@morrus Write a substantial work around the new term, then start referring people to it and using the term.

So a blog post explaining what x term refers to, using the term, then tweet to people interested, make comments and refer to the post.

Then if you're heavily cashed up, once you think you've got the definition nailed down, pay influencers to talk about x using the term.

@morrus Introduce it in a funny way. Like cromulent.

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