Publishers! Other than DTRPG and your own stores, where else do you sell PDFs, and how do they compare? How’s

@morrus I use itch, and it's decent. There are some important features it lacks (royalty splitting), but I sell enough there to make up for the 5% less on Drivethru. Still sell much more on DTRPG though.

@morrus Not a publisher myself, but there was a lengthy thread over at reddit where several of the indie RPG publishers discussed just that topic. The general consensus then (it must be three years ago) was that they made more per sale at Itch, but the sheer amount of sales at DrivethroughRPG was overshadowing that profit margin with an order of magnitudes.

@morrus My own (self-hosted!) website. The discoverability and sales are nothing compared to DTC or Itch, but I still feel it's very important because at the end of the day you NEED to own your platform.

@morrus I don't sell through itch. It's geared the a much more indie style of game than what I write, and frankly the search function on itch leaves a lot to be desired. It's a great platform for a lot of creators, but I decided it wasn't for me.

@morrus I'm just a small author, but I use only I've explored other options when I started publishing, but I feel like itch strikes the right balance of ease of use, features and discoverability.

It's not perfect and it definitely misses some key features for bigger shops, but it's a good start if you can't handle spinning up your own site.

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