So looks like we can pull in feeds from other whole mastodon servers. Anyone have a preference?

@darjr would each feed be separate, so one could follow or not?

@scipio202 I think so. And I think you could follow to get a different level of grouping. Maybe?

@darjr @scipio202 I don't fully understand how it works yet, but we'll figure it out!

@morrus @darjr @scipio202

The last mastodon instance I was using was linked to the wider mastodon network so you could follow specific accounts from the other instances.

The ones that are generally exclusive and remain unlinked to the wider network are the adult-oriented instances.


@dysonlogos @darjr @scipio202 Seems to me unlinking them also makes it easier to moderate them though? Keeping the toxic stuff out?

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@morrus @darjr @scipio202

Indeed. It is the eternal balancing act between visibility and interaction vs producing a safe space and moderation.

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