OK, let's get this thing going. Tell me what your favourite is!

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@morrus A single favourite is hard. Mine would be a toss up between Amber, Call of Cthulhu, Marvel (old TSR Advanced set), TORG, Deadlands and probably a few more ;p

@morrus my main RPG for the last couple of years has been CORE. It's narrative driven, but with it's feet still grounded in traditional dice-based (d6 pool) mechanics to not make people too out of place. Plus it's meant to be hacked: so far there's monster hunting, magic, supernatural, alternate history, Cthulhu, wrestling, and a few other games that've been developed.

@morrus Overall, it's currently PbtA-based Monster of the Week.

But for that high fantasy flavor in particular, D&D 5e.

@morrus Broken Compass! Hands down my favourite thing. Risk/reward mechanics with a gambling component for high action RPG sessions modelled after TV series logic. Works wonderfully.

@morrus That's a difficult one. I'm partial to Savage Worlds, Burning Games (Burning Wheel, Torchbearer, Mouse Guard) and BRP (Delta Green and Call of Cthulhu) but lately I have this itch to try Pathfinder 2e.

@morrus Oh wow, it’s a tight race between the Chronicles of Darkness editions of Changeling: the Lost and Werewolf: the Forsaken, the 2e versions of each. Chronicles of Darkness was a huge improvement over New World of Darkness across the board, imo. But, big Onyx Path fan, regardless.

@morrus Right now I'm enjoying Pathfinder and Starfinder. But playing more 5e than Pathfinder.

@morrus Blades in the Dark is the one I come back to.

@morrus currently Stars/Worlds Without Number (with Savage Worlds a close 2nd)

@morrus That's tough! I can probably narrow it down to Sleepaway and Mausritter.

And Long Haul 1983 for a solo game!

@morrus Heroes of Lite!! fire emblem inspired grid combat that's got a good amount of customizability while remaining lightweight enough to play with paper and pen.

@morrus whichever one I’m playing at the moment. Right now Night’s Black Agents. Cuz if killing Dracula’s is wrong I don’t wanna be right.

@morrus My favorite TTRPG for a few years now has been Dungeon Crawl Classics. It's a great frame to hang anything on, the base classes are flexible enough to cover almost any ground, and it's easy to add more classes if you need to.

Plus, it's very pulp/weird fantasy focused, which is totally my bag.

@morrus right now it’s D&D 5e. Especially with third party stuff like LevelUp and Esper Genesis and Ghostfire Games.

@morrus Chthonic Codex! Harry Potter meets Discworld, with goats and booze, truly great!

@morrus D&D5e is my favorite, but there's some strong nostalgia for D&D3e and the 1990s Paladium stuff like Heroes Unlimited and Rifts.


I've fallen into the uber-light games. When I come up with a new idea I ask myself "How Weird Is It?"

Weird: Use Black Hack

And right now I'm running my two darkest games... Wraith: the Oblivion and Mork Borg. Both are super dark in different ways, and we routinely take breaks from the Wraith game to go "Wow, that's... that's... that's fucked up!"

@morrus *GURPS* 4e here, for the flexibility and scaling detail. *Savage Worlds* is a close second, for similar flexibility aimed more at swingy pulp action. *FATE* is in there for fun narrative encouragement, and *D&D* 5e for its easy on-ramp and comfortable tropes.

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