Join us at Stand 39, lower trade hall, Dragonmeet today!

Give us your TTRPG listener questions for this week's podcast!

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@EvilWriter Also a fan of the Countdown Dice from What's Old is New by @morrus

The GM makes a dice pool of d6s and, each time interval, rolls them and removes all the 6s. Keep doing this until there are no dice left, then whatever you're counting down to happens.

Adds tension because you're never QUITE sure when the bomb will go off or the ship will launch or the ritual will complete or whatever the Bad Thing is.

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.@morrus of Enworld talks all about the OGL and One D&D topic in his show at the 34:35 mark.

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Somebody just stuck their tongue in my mouth.
Yes, him.

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We'll be wrapping up our #ttrpg Advanced #dungeonsanddragons campaign soon enough. ( @morrus 's Level Up engine).

Next campaign is going to be a combination A5E and Adventures in Rokugan campaign. Using a game world we developed 30 years ago but have only barely ever run in - players wanted AIR, so we built an entirely new region in the setting for them.

Samurai, Psionics, and an invasion of Real Bad Folk for them to deal with.

Give us your TTRPG listener questions and we may try to answer them on todays podcast!

Publishers! Other than DTRPG and your own stores, where else do you sell PDFs, and how do they compare? How’s

We'll be at Dragonmeet in that there London in a couple of weeks. We will have things to sell! Not the things in the photo. Different things. Come and say hello to us. Or don't. We're not your boss.

(This photo from a couple of years ago showing me, Jessica Hancock, John White, and Andrew Peregrine -- this year it will be me and Jess again, plus Xin, and Al).

Still no billionaires on here to my knowledge!

Spelljammer and Dragonlance are coming. There's one more classic setting planned. Which do you think it is?

Having not done a Kickstarter since November, I’d forgotten about the spam deluge you get from promotion outfits. It’s all come rushing back!

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If you weren't there live, you can still see the Star Crossed Seaway, Episode 1! It came out hilarious!

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So I suppose I should promote my stuff since I'm using my company name here!

My most recent self-published product is Thematic Toolkit: Arcane Avenger. It brings the "sorcadin" into A5E as a guardian of reality. New herald and sorcerer archetypes and a synergy feat chain!

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