@whodo There's also some weird admin bits (like character attacks being written as (dice)+(modifier)+(modifier)...why not combine those modifiers as a single entry for ease of use? Perhaps there is a reason but I don't see it yet.

@whodo The whole concept of "power stunts" or other intentional creative power use just doesn't seem to exist - instead if you roll a "Fantastic" reuslt (a one on the "1" die in the d616) you pull off a something special....but that's completely random - like a critical hit, rather than the creativity and inventiveness of "stunts" in the comics and other supers rpgs

@whodo Added to which each character has an attack damage stat for each of Ranged and melee combat, with any variation/additional effects covered by powers.
However that means that until you are, sy Rank 15+ you probabaly only have a couple of effective combat options which just seems...limiting and certainly uncharacteristic for the source material.

@whodo ...the difficulty scales at roughly the same rate as character ability. Therefore it looks like playing a Rank 5 character is going to feel a lot like playing a Rank 25 character.
It feels soulless....like an AI simulation of the supers genre. Plus it seems VERY combat focused. I'm sure you could probably model a "fight book" quite well with it but it would be very "you hit/I hit".

@whodo Agreed.
Some of it is accessible and neat (i.e. the single "616" dice mechanic for all things), "edges" allow player rerolls, "trouble" allows the GM to force a player rerolls (not sure I like that but it's clear and simple) and the two things cancel each other out.
But some of it just seems like odd choices; Rolls are either opposed or Target numbers are based on the Character's rank (level) which means that unless facing a character of a different Rank...

@whodo I bought all three cover versions from my local comic book store (largely to support the store...) and a copy for each of my kids.
I think you made the correct choice.
I have all the pervious Marvel rpgs and this one is...disappointing.

My latest piece of community content is available on DrivethruRPG....This one is a supplement fpr Ullises Spiele's Fading Suns: Pax Alexius Science Fantasy RPG...and it's Pay What You Want!


@morrus Woot & huzzah!
When do you unlock the Guinea Pig stretch goal?

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