Adventurers. Explorers. Members of the #TrinityContinuum's Global Cartography Initiative follow rumour and myth, seeking out the unmarked places on maps, looking to verify pet theories and make a name for themselves (and in some cases, plunder lost treasures).

Inspirations include: Uncharted, Relic Hunter, Tomb Raider.

(Yes it kinda sticks in my craw that the bad guys in Tomb Raider were the Trinity.)

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Saw a beautiful crow trying to get into a coconut bird feeder at Aldi and felt so sorry for it. Hubby was going to buy one for it and when he went to pick it up, the crow had eaten half of it 🤣. Clever crow

Monday TTRPG Prose Tip:

Strike instances of the word “will” when describing actions that might occur during a scenario.

The monster will run at the PCs.


The monster runs at the PCs.

Amy will withhold the clue until the group wins her trust.


Amy withholds the clue until the group wins her trust.

#TTRPG #roleplaying #TTRPGProseTips #writing

In the office physically today for the first time in of the first things I was asked; "Going to this year?"
No, I'm not - but it's reassuring that my colleagues have the measure of me.

For a long time, when I'd read a comic with Lex Luthor in it, and he'd be... I dunno, conspiring with a guy who's super power is that he is mediocre at riddles, and maybe Solomon Grundy or someone like that, in order to launch their army of poison turtles into Metropolis, I'd scoff and say, "it's unrealistic that the world's richest man would waste his time and money on something that's only going to showcase to the world how incompetent he is."

I owe DC comics an apology.

One more ! The moon *occulting* the earth as seen from #artemis. I boosted the contrast on the lunar surface a little bit.

Ooh can't wait for the lunar occultation of Mars on Dec 8!

When some asshat talks about disowning their child I am filled with rage. I had the opportunity to be a step parent once upon a time. I loved my stepson very very much. When he was killed in an accident it nearly destroyed me. I would give anything for another day with him.
Love your fucking kids people. Accept them for who they are. Pray you never live to see them be put in the ground.

Watching the mission live feed fills me with a sense of wonder and hope.
(And also a bunch of ideas for campaigns...)


Remember, if you don't fight the corps, it isn't cyberpunk. It's just sparkling dystopia.

I've seen many folks posting about moving to The Hive's social platform as an alternative to Elon's Folly.

I won't be joining this platform, promoting and recommending Mastodon instead as the better replacement.

There's a few reasons for this. 🧵
#Mastodon #TTRPGCommunity #HiveSocial

The ice field sequence in is one of the best starship scenes in movies to date.

This article from @morrus is a much better explanation of the points I made earlier this week about the "OMGWTFBBQ!!!111one" panicky rumormongering about Wizards of the Coast getting rid of the for

I figure some sort of AEon/UN crisis intervention team (opening the doors to all types of characters; Psions, Talents, Psiads, Superiors and even some Aliens) could really work and capture the slightly gonzo feel of

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Seeing the new trailer from has given me thoughts of a "supers in space" style campaign.

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