tip from the archive: More monsters pose a greater challenge than bigger monsters.

Okay some #SelfPromotion here.

Clandestine Societies issue one is only a buck over on DrivethruRPG. Stuff for horror/occult/supernatural gaming. Trying to get motivated to finish up issue two. So if anybody has a dollar to spare it would be most welcome.

#ttrpgs #horror


As my first bit of promo here, a whole team of amazing creators came together to make BENEATH THE WAVES, an awesome book of underwater fun releasing on DMsGuild tomorrow (21st Nov)!

The book has two parts:
- The toolbox is a bucketful of impactful rules and player options to make underwater adventures feel unique.
- The adventure path is a level 1-5 mini-campaign that embroils the characters in the conflict between the tyrannical aquatic empire of Seamount and the Wandering Reef, a free pirate town on the back of a gargantuan manta ray named Jascon

So if you're interested in taking a dive with your D&D games, please stay tuned!

#dnd #dmsguild

Todays reading materials. Some planning for next years A and B races. I’m thinking long distances next year, and/or to support . Then a bit of organizing for the new campaign. here we come!

Dungeon! is 50 years old!
Over on Facebook David Megarry posts about the 50th aniversary of Dungeon! and it's story of inspiration out of desperation that I never knew. Makes my love and many hours sharing and playing the game that much more important to me.

@Jackgiantkiller The base game is a superhero game set in the 1920s and uses cards as a resolution mechanic. I wrote the Chicago section in the core book, plus a little bit for some of the other supplements that expanded the game to different eras.


#ttrpg #CAPERS

Game night!
We’ve played twice in person in the last week….and the last 3yrs 😂
Feels great to be back at the table with friends.

I'm a pro gamemaster on Startplaying.
I can run #DnD (any edition, but esp. 3.5 and 5.0), Pathfinder 1e, GURPS, Mutants and Masterminds, Chronicles of Darkness (any game line), FATE, Genesys, and Scion 1e (and more!) . I have settings for all, but I can also build to suit your group.
#ttrpg #dnd #NWoD #ChroniclesOfDarkness #WoD #MutantsAndMasterminds #FATE #fantasy #rollenspiel #Genesys #Scion #Pathfinder
To see what sort of settings I have:

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Well here's a thread as well.

Hi, I'm Laura: TTRPG editor, designer, player | mindful parent | nd | disabled | queer | human

you can find me at...
portfolio: laura-hirsb.carrd.co
twitter: twitter.com/laura_hirsb
mastodon: dice.camp/@laura_hirsb
kofi: ko-fi.com/laura_hirsb
email: LHirsb@gmail.com

PLEASE BOOST: Right now Mastodon is only receiving appr. $21,000/month through Patreon.

This is not enough to handle the 1 million new accounts that will be made this week.

Currently, only 4,720 patrons are donating to Mastodon.

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Hey there! I’m Dave and I write stuff!

For this new #introduction post, I decided to standardise my links a bit to make it easier to find me:
🖥️ dcbradshaw.com/
🅿️ patreon.com/dcbradshawRPG
☕️ ko-fi.com/dcbradshawRPG
👤 facebook.com/dcbradshawRPG

Some hashtags of my interests:
#Writing ✏️
#Education 📚
#VoiceActing 🎙️
#Penguins 🐧

Time to hype my current project! Emerald Templars is a dark fantasy TTRPG that was successfully funded on Kickstarter! It is a game where you play as guardians of the realm, sworn to confront chaos magic in its many forms. The only problem is that you signed up for the cash and didn't think you'd actually have to fight anything! You have to use what resources you have at your disposal to complete your sworn duty before things the threat grows too great.

If I hit 100 followers by end of the weekend I'll release both of these here for free :)

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I’m nearing 80K fans already here. I’m feeling the love, and not regretting spending some of my time here. Folks seem very nice, very supportive.

I wonder if I can hit 100K by my third day here. That would be something. Follow along to be part of this new adventure!

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