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Here’s the thing, you don’t have to tolerate bullshit from anyone.

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Acid test for any social network or fedi instance:

If you say "fuck you" to a Nazi, who gets banned?

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Twitter's ex-content moderation chief explains resignation: "One of my limits was if Twitter starts being ruled by dictatorial edict rather than by policy... there's no longer a need for me in my role."

Original tweet : twitter.com/arstechnica/status

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Proof that Tokio can read. A family member announced, "hey, Tokio's in his happy box. He must be a happy cat today."

On hearing this, he immediately stepped from the happy box into the angry box. He hates it when people try to pigeonhole him.


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Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid-19 misinformation policy, per this message on its transparency site transparency.twitter.com/en/re

Me in - no real ranking.

1. The Window
2. Monster of the Week
3. Risus
4. Star Wars (D6)
5. Theatrix
6. OD&D (1974)
7. Tunnels & Trolls

I had the most amazing Friday at my friend's "Friendsgiving" event. Tons of delicious food (the colcannon was AMAZING), good cheer, and adult board/card games into the wee hours of the morning.

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Yearly reminder to not give money to the Salvation Army. It is not a charity, it's a fundamentalist Christian organization that supports anti-queer policies. Support mutual aid resources instead.


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In 1959, police were called to a segregated library when a Black 9-year-old boy trying to check out books refused to leave, after being told the library was not for Black people.

The boy, Ronald McNair, went on to became an astronaut. The library is also now named after him

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The first black child ever allowed to attend a white school is only 68 years old now.
White parents pulled their children from school. White teachers refused to teach her.
Ruby Bridges now works as an activist & public speaker
This wasn’t a million years ago. /1

@androidarts It's mainly just a locked down experience for basic users who don't need to use non-proprietary software (think school children).

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Musk posting homophobic memes on this day of all days is so gross and absolutely purely to cater to his new fash base and stir shit, we all need to treat him like the narcissist he is and just go blank face and disengage imho

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I have a request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization (especially #LGBTQ), please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

It's nice to see Mastodon picking up a lot more TTRPG folks from Twitter.

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Look at this glorious Turkey Hydra!!! I 3D modeled this earlier this month and I love seeing my patrons bring this guy to life :D

Free stl files here if you want to 3D print your own: patreon.com/posts/74239787

Damn I love my work <3
#Thanksgiving #patreon #3Dprinting #3dmodeling

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