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Oreney’s Watch

Old crumbling stoneworks around an ancient bridge and watch tower on a small tributary of the Alaric.

Known as Oreney’s Watch after the ranger who saved countless lives reporting the Brightbone Ravagers moving into Pantesh.

@JVWest has unleashed GOZR onto the world! Available at Kickstarter, this is AN INCREDIBLE GAMING EXPERIENCE wrapped up in a shell of out-of-this-world, GONZO art:

#rpg #roleplaying #roleplayinggames #art #artist #kickstarter #crowdfunding #gozr

If you follow my blog or my other media streams, you've seen me talk this game up for a while - and when I was playtesting GOZR it was a springboard for a whole pile of new maps I drew.

The campaign is now live. YOU TOO CAN BE GOOZ!


It is going to be one of THOSE days. Reno crew is off for the day for a funeral (upstairs bathroom is half-demolished), and I walk into the studio to find two of my monitors laying face down. Seems my Ikea desk finally gave up on holding the VESA mount stand - the whole thing has lurched forward 60 degrees.

Guess those monitors REALLY wanted to take a nap.

So I'm going to be fixing that instead of drawing maps on stream.

I was awakened by this stern request for food. Sitting on my chest.

I started streaming my work on a schedule in August and I'm keeping significantly ahead of my workload doing this.

How far ahead?

36 maps ahead of my blog release schedule. All the maps for May, June, and July's releases, and am working on releases for August and September now.

The goal is to haul ass out of here on a road trip for a whole month, knowing that I'll have scheduled releases going up the whole month AND I'll still be ahead by at least two months when I get back.

Crypt of the Queen of Bones

This ancient dromos-style tomb is of unknown provenance, predating this civilization and the last. An undead medusa of equally unknown age has taken up “residence” here and the place crawls with undead now...

Time to draw the dungeons!

As I finished off my map last stream we got raided, so instead of ending the stream with 12 minutes to go, I started a new map on "speedrun" mode.

25 minutes later this little 5-room dungeon was finished!

Streams are every Tues / Thurs / Sat from 1-4pm Eastern (like right about nowish)

Release the Kraken on a Summerian House

The first "Release the Kraken" release of the month is this three-story house I drew up in 2020 based on classic Summerian home construction techniques and floorplans. This would be a higher-class home, probably owned by a merchant who sells low-grade copper.

Session 76!

Catching up on my Session Reports for our "The Enemy Within" campaign as we near the final episodes (we are playing session 90 tonight, and I expect the campaign will be done with session 91 or 92).

This episode was weird because of the sheer quantity of exposition - and it shows in the session report which is... well... almost all exposition and also significantly longer than most of my session reports.

It’s live! My brand new newsletter has officially launched! My thanks to David Coppoletti and @dysonlogos for their awesome contributions! Also to Joel Clapp for the idea of the Black Gate Navigstor!

Sign up for the newsletter here:

Session Report #3 from my Wraith Game is now live on the Dodecahedron.

We have broken out of the starter adventure and are moving into the greater Wraith society (and discovering how gross the metaphysical economy is in Wraith).

I might manage to get Session 4's report up before we play Session 5 on Tuesday.

For the last five streams I've been working on various 5 room (and occasionally smaller) "dungeons" (some shown here).

Today we're celebrating the Spelljammer announcement by working on a set of Spelljammer deck plans for a friend's campaign.

I had the pleasure of both running a playtest group with this game and playing in another playtest group and both games were brilliantly fun.

Now James' GOZR is prepping to be Kickstarted by Peter Regan / Squarehex - the same guy who prints James' Black Pudding zine and who ran my own Book of Swords campaign.

This is going to be awesome.

I'm off for the night to feed the bois and probably watch some more of the SpiceDiver edit of Dune.

These are the bois. Jack on the left, Junior on the right.

They hunger.

For crab rangoon.

(click for full meme-effect)

Little Five Points

I'm running a Wraith the Oblivion game set in the classic Atlanta 1994 setting that the game was published with and a lot of play happens around the bohemian commercial district of Little Five Points.

This is my fictionalized version.

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