Session Report #3 from my Wraith Game is now live on the Dodecahedron.

We have broken out of the starter adventure and are moving into the greater Wraith society (and discovering how gross the metaphysical economy is in Wraith).

I might manage to get Session 4's report up before we play Session 5 on Tuesday.

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Wraith always fascinated more than any other WoD setting. I still have the hardcover around somewhere and will play it some day.

Reading about your game is really nifty.

@Judd The setting is a WALL of content warnings. Suicide, Slavery, Racism, Body Horror...

The coin of the setting is the Oboli, hammered from the souls of those Stygia believe are unable to prevent their own descent into Oblivion... including every child wraith they find.

In the Atlanta setting, one of the largest factions of Wraiths is "The Sons of the Imperial Dragon" which is essentially the KKK.

I love it, but it gets intense quickly.


It seemed that way from the jump.

Any particular conversations before starting the game to make sure everyone's okay?


The big ones that turn up in the setting overall (as opposed to just the Atlanta setting) are slavery, human chattel, body horror, and the fate of dead children.

And of course you'll be exploring themes of death and the things that lead there.

@dysonlogos @Judd I had some folks ask about Wraith awhile aback. It is one on my fav settings for WoD. But yeah that content. It's great ready your posts about it.

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