Time to Draw the Dungeons!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.

Drew this little tower last stream - today we're working on sewer geomorphs for Inkwell Ideas. Please join me, I love the company!


The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 4

Come join us as we travel up the Clear River, past Mirror Lake, and to Prince Fidelious' Landing. There are ancient ruined cities, the Blue Peaks Giants, and the badlands on the Urvelm Plateau to explore!


Time to Draw the Dungeons!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.

We need to finish off this small dungeon (with TIE fighter room!) before we move on to something new. Please join me, I love the company!


Worst. Effluent. Imaginable.

(Text by Skerples, map by some weirdo)

In tonight's D&D game we met the infamous street vendor, "Cut Me Own Tail Dibbie" who sells kebabs. Unfortunately, the poor gecko can never make both ends meat.

Time to Draw the Dungeons!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.

Starting today off by finishing a noble's house and then moving back to the dungeons!


The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 3

More ruins dot the foothills of the Keller Range - and one set has become the foundation for Griffon Point, just north of the great lighthouse.

We've got caves, swamps, hills, and ruins to explore!


Last bit of non-cartography for the day. I'm going to read some books or something...

Oh, I've got a lovely old coffee table book of ruins from the 60s that I salvaged recently... Educational AND inspirational!

I was looking at local art classes (as I don't have a diverse enough portfolio / sketchbook to apply to university) and got the urge to doodle.

Talk about high school dude doodles. Axes, skulls, bombs... it is actually kind of embarrassingly juvenile. But it was fun.

The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 2

This hexmap sits just north of the last one and focuses on the area around Great Elven Lake, and the cities of Gatherstone and Faewall.


Time to Draw the Dungeons!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.

Five years ago I drew the maps for Zzarchov's City of Tears. Zzarchov is putting together a digest-sized version and I jumped at the opportunity to redraw them.


The Midsummer Lands – Hex 1

The first of six hexmaps that I'll be posting through the rest of the month - this map is centred around the city of Bannersbridge and the next five maps will expand on it.


And we're back!

After the death of my main monitor, I've rebuilt my cartographic battlestation and we are ready to get back to work on this dungeon map!

I stream my cartography most Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4 pm Eastern.


The Village of Winten Ford

A small palisaded farming community built up around a mill, a pair of towers, and a church. Winten Ford is self-governing and quiet. The perfect place for PCs to get paranoid about everyone being so nice to them.


For the record, I *HATE* mazes in RPGs. I would never run this and I doubt any DM would make me enjoy playing it.


People keep requesting them, AND I do find them quite strangely soothing to work on.

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Yivh’Kthaloth reaches out from the far realms seeking order in the face of chaos and madness - it impresses those it touches to build structures of contained chaos. Nonsensical structures, mazes, labyrinths, and follies - like this:


To be fair...

This delay isn't because I don't have enough monitors left to run my streams...

it is because I'm too lazy to fully reconfigure my Streamlabs setup for a different monitor configuration when I know I'll be changing it all again on Monday and have to reconfigure for Tuesday's stream anyways.

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My main monitor just started making a weird sizzling sound and then died.

No stream today or until I manage to get it replaced. Off to the stores!

You've found a strange wand/key wrapped in a scroll and a map to "Dohrlegond's Tombs" - and quick scouting around shows the place is currently under the "management" of Thar Gorecrusher and their band of ogres, orcs, and savage ne'er do wells...


Time to draw the dungeons!

I stream Tue / Thur / Sat from 1-4pm Eastern.

This one is a test print of the map I drew last stream when asked how I would handle a series of natural tiered pools - I used one of the caves in Hang Son Doong as inspiration.


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