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Here I am, the ghost in the machine: Robert Brandt of Wild Bee Publishing, maker of fine RPG products -

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Precious and structural metals on asteroids
Scientific paper on mineral values available in the asteroid belt.
What scifi asteroid miners will be prospecting
#AtomicRockets #Asteroid #AsteroidMining

The old machine finally gave up the ghost, took a long time getting everything moved over.

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RT, pretty please! Get 15% off your entire order now through Monday on INPRNT - and if I'm not mistaken, my stuff there should go for additional 15% discount right now:


Here are some icosahedral world map blanks, the zip also has the affinity designer 2 files:

RIP Greg Bear died on November 19, 2022, at the age of 71, from multiple strokes.

A lot of people are talking about hive, I don't know ...

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The Dragon Den

“This illrigger’s base looks like a giant stone dragon!”
“So what? It just reinforces that we’re in the right place to SMITE EVIL!”

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The Ring Miners are a part of the Dark Shepherd story but I was so enamoured with the concept that I did a bunch of other images in the series.

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Not being a westerner, and having a large amount of friends and contacts that are not westerners either, masto is a cold and empty place for me

"Researchers found that even when they flipped off every privacy button on the iPhone, the app store still tracked every behavior in real time, including what apps a user searched for, what ads were seen, and how long ads were looked at. The App store app also tracked user ID numbers, phone model, screen resolution, keyboard languages, and details on your internet connection."

"The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; but if we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges of life within the boundaries of death – however mutable we may be able to make them – our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfillment. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”
― Stanley Kubrick

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I've also heard #3 as "things are going to get worse before they get better, and who said they were going to get better? "

The Three Laws of Thermodynamics
1. You can't win.

2. You can't break even.

3. You can't quit the game.

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Couple of racing spaceships. Really must do a few more of these. Gulf Oil and Martini liveries among the best ever I think.

#Illustration #Spaceships #SciFi

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I'm Rob, an illustrator from the UK. I love to draw spaceships, robots, and imaginary places. I've worked on several books, including my own sci-fi project - Weird Field World. I'm available for private and commercial commissions.

You can find me here…

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