Is DarkSun the new setting for Acquisitions Inc starting in 2023?

In an emotional moment ENDING the AcqIncs long campaign they teased a kickstarter for 2023 and in that video prominently displayed the below image, twice.

@Alphastream do you have any thing you want to tell us?

Gloomhaven Role Playing Game Some awesome folks have worked on this! Announced!

Unlike other RPG systems reliant on dice and set character build structures – Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game will continue to uphold one of Cephalofair’s core mission statements – to “minimize randomness and reward player savvy”.

I think the new print of Tyranny of Dragons will have the Rise cover. See this post with links to a "media" site at WotC with wallpapers of the book covers, the one labeled Tyranny of Dragons is the Rise of Tiamat cover art. Maybe.

dndwizards # Coming up at : the Designing D&D Dragonlance Panel now with Amy Dallen sitting in for Jeremy Crawford as moderator. «)
Click the link in our bio to watch it live at 2:30 PM ET on
dndwizards *


We are at PAXU! Booth 4050, with so much wonderful content from the 2022 Free RPG Day box. If you missed it at your local retailer, but you’re at the event this is for you!

I love the idea of big creatures in big multipart miniatures. Like the Kraken. I wonder if there is a Dreadnaught like that somewhere?

8:30 PMET

The Union was recognized!!!! Yeas!!!!

!!! @NKGames has done what 95% of privately-owned companies fail to do: they have voluntarily recognized their workers' union! Our amazing coworkers, with the support of @CWAUnion, @LaborSCFL,
@AFLCIO, and ALL OF YOU, have achieved this!
Nobel Knight games.

Image quoted below, please note that that is her affiliate link.

don't think anyone has posted this yet: Marco's map is available for hi-res download, along with a license for personal printing. Now you can print your very own Riedra shower curtain.
affiliate id=1650578
Map of the Unity of Riedra - Chronicles of Eberron - Dungeon Master...
Well met, adventurers!
Directly from Keith Baker's "Chronicles of Eberron", you can find here the one and only...
Map of

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From the image: This beauty is finally out! Working on the Riedra Map present in the book was an amazing experience: @HellcowKeith and
@Twogetherstudio are hands down between my dearest clients and friends; working with them is always an honor and a pleasure!

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Chronicles of Eberron now live in DMSGuild!

Now live on The Dungeon Masters Guild! Chronicles of Eberron is a new fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook from Eberron creator Keith Baker and designer Imogen Gingell. Chronicles explores hidden corners of Eberron and offers advice for both players and DMs, along with new monsters, treasures, spells and character options.

I wonder if Oracle of War Salvage Bases are a model for WotC's One D&D Bastions? See this ENWorld thread. It's a great idea. The book isn't available on dmsguild now, might be in the bundle.

Shea said
I just used the Oracle of War Salvage Bases and Missions book by M. T. Black, Will Doyle, James Introcaso, and Ginny Loveday to build a two-paragraph AL legal adventure that I totally want to run. I love this new style of AL play! @slyflourish @dysonlogos

Kieth Baker over on Hive posted:
No need to rob the Library of Ashtakala-
CHRONICLES OF EBERRON will be released on the DM's Guild at 9 AM PST on THURSDAY DECEMBER 1ST!
Chronicles will be available as a pdf and print on demand.

Kieth Baker posts a cool photo with a bit of the back cover too!

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