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DungeonMorphs – Sewers Set 5

A selection of six sewer geomorphs originally designed by Alyssa Faden, Billiam Babble, Glynn Seal, Joe Wetzel, and myself - all redrawn (and occasionally slightly modified) in my style for DungeonMorphs IV.

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The Uktar Atoll has it all! A halfling village! An improbably high shipwreck! A crazy whirlpool! An eerie stepped pyramid! A strange ruined temple! Skull Tower! Pirate Landing! Jungles! ADVENTURE!

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Everyone who's ever told me to "Stay in my lane" and only talk about maps & RPGs - YOU are responsible for shit like the Club Q shooting.

Othering the LGBTQ+ community and the constant "groomers" talk leads directly to shit like this. We saw it in the 80s and we see it today.

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This site makes me feel guilty about the fact I didn’t let mastodons on the Ark.

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@grueproof Python enthusiast, gamer, brewer, and all around good guy.

@dysonlogos So ... many ... maps.

@swmn Savage Worlds Media Network - sure, it's a bot, but it brings a steady stream of savage goodness.


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There is no plan. There never was. #Twitter was simply an impulse buy so #Musk could pwn the Libs and bring in his dudebro, MAGA fanboys.

Which he then spent months trying to back out of. And only stopped when the lawsuit made too much dirt public.

Musk has a history of making mistakes like this. But those get obscured by his big successes.

He's not purposely trying to end Twitter. And it's not some ploy to please the Saudis.

Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.

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Ruins of the Hill Fort

These ruins are old enough that no one even has a name for them anymore. On several very old maps there are markings that translate to “fort” or “fortification” at this location, but nothing more.

Time for an .

I am a DM (5e) as well as a first responder (volunteer). I enjoy at home and consider myself part of the home chef crowd.

I am not so much a content creator, though at some point I should convert the ideas I put into my games into something useable by others.

Like others, let's see where this journey takes me.

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