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Rebellion, direct action & community in Neo Babylon

@xangpow there is plenty of other stuff to watch for sure. But this one was good beyond it's connection to star wars.

@StrangeBedfellows it is like a study on radicalization and how to rebel against power. And the last episode is amazing.

Damn. Andor was the shit, right?
Didn't know I wanted that exact show.

@CaraesNaur OK. The dev friend I mentioned earlier is @Unicorn_Opti and the Kickstarter landing page is: kickstarter.com/projects/fragg

Your game sounds cool. I'm making a note to learn more about it.

@koalabearswamp Agreed. I want my system to operate like a writer's room where the macro play loop is basically 1. Break some story, 2. Play through it, 3. Resolve plotlines.

My system has a GM-like role, but no GM section because I want the experience to be fully cooperative.

I think a large part of the hobby is still unwilling to admit the importance of storytelling, largely because it was born of war games and early TTRPG designers saw narrative as little more than context for combat.

@CaraesNaur My buddy is making a RPG called Subversion. Let me get a link to his Mastodon and the Kickstarter landing page, if you don't mind. But there's a GM section that talks about storytelling. I got a writing degree, and I feel like he explained narrative fiction better than all my classes put together. Let's not assume the GM has enough resources to do this. Let's give them the resources.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the following in terms of being frightening? 1 is a bit startling, 10 is abject terror.

A tsunami
A demon
An uncaged lion
A dragon
spiders crawling on you
-wielding a knife
-pointing a pistol
-pointing a rifle
-pointing a pistol

Of course, after all this, we bundle the feedback, spit it out after arguing with each other (in love), THEN, we give it to our dope AF editors & proofers for the last look.

After that we kickstart

THEN we give out the PDF rules right away.
THEN we get layout rolling.
THEN we listen to feedback from those who are playing & reading this version...
THEN we adapt that feedback into the next version.
THEN we edit & proof again.

THEN we go to print.

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But they've been run by us, who know how to fill in missing pieces & adapt on the fly to fit our vision. We need people who don't know a thing to play & report back.
The second plan is to recruit some seasoned game devs to look over the rules and give us feedback and potential advice and suggestions on how to tighten things up, where big game design holes are, and generally act as a third lens of blind evaluation.

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Post #3:
We are at the point in development where we can't see it anymore. That is, we've been staring at it for so long, it seems normal and right to us, and we have no perspective anymore.

So we have two plans.

The first plan is blind playtests.
We've done internal playtests & run 10 or so one-shot games @ various cons.

You ever heard of Fraggin Unicorns? It's my favorite indy game company. The folks there are the best! They are looking for gm to testplay there upcoming cyberpunk game #Subversion #ttrpg #shadowrun say hi to the founder @Unicorn_Opti


But we are DOING IT! That's probably the biggest difference between people who have the best game ideas and the people who actually make games. Just commitment to seeing it through.

It helps to have a good game and lots of friends.
Which we have.
Stay tuned for more!

And I guess if you want to sign up to make us cry by doing a playtest with your group and give us feedback, I'd be your best friend. :)

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But for a fairly chunky RPG, that's a big ask. "Hey, please read all this, gather a group that probably already has a game they love, and play this instead... then make me cry with what you didn't like." lol.
Hard sell.

But that's all part of it. We've done really well with incorporating feedback, but its all just so slow. And every time you ask someone a favor like that, it spends the social capital you have, and for some dank introvert nerds like us, social capital is hard to build.

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But then there's the ones that spend big... & suck.

I don't know if people often discuss how stressful that is for independent companies. Making investments and then only making the bare minimum you need to fulfill is a rough go.
So we're trying to be wise.
We've done lots of organic outreach. But that has diminishing returns.

The next big thing we need to do is blind playtesting.

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Post #2:
Met today with YG discussing marketing partnership. There's an open secret with crowdfunding that isn't discussed much. The ones that fund @ large amounts all have SIGNIFICANT investment before & during the campaign in ads spending.

Some companies help you do that, using analytics, expertise, & various strategies to maximize your dollar. Some companies will lend you money to do ad spends. It's all a big gamble. The ones that do well ALWAYS spend big.

Post #1.5
What we've done so far (Cont.):

Made samples of 3 2-page spreads
We've reached out to various FB groups, especially the ones that let people advertise, got accepted, and now post 1 post a day in one of those groups.
Logo made
We've got partners lined up for:
-More Art
-Adventure/mission writing
Spoken with Jellop, Backerkit, Rem Alternis, and YG about potential marketing solutions.
Lots of back and forth based on feedback.

Post #1
What we've done so far:
Worked on the game for 3 years.
Got some modest art assets.
Made some videos.
Playtested with around 10 groups.
Playtesting is ongoing, as is development.
Set timelines for launch.
Worked socials to get pre-launch follower count as high as possible.
We've been talking about it every chance we get.
We've got our Kickstarter page designed.
Decided on backer tiers.
Got 5 production quotes.
Got mockups of the book made

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