Another one of my favorite pages from the upcoming Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line.

Layout is at 75% complete for Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line.

And as a preview, here is one of the Youthful Offenders from @robertbohl's setting - The Liberation of the Wildbuilt!

Layout has started on Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line!
Here's a preview...
and if you still want to pre-order, head here:

Lindsey Graham, Senator from Innsmouth, asks Supreme Court to protect him from the cosmic horror he's summoned.

NEAT! Somewhere along the line, hit silver on DriveThruRPG!

Our first silver. We can kill werewolves now. Not that we'd want to. I guess it depends. American Werewolf in London? Yeah, kill it. Werewolf by Night? Nah.

Grab it here:

I've got only 4 t-shirts with the black star logo left.
They are grey shirts, and amazingly comfortable. The reason we don't have 2x anymore is because I took them all for me.

$25 + shipping

first come first served. Hit me up in PM.

Preview of things to come. But it will be better when it comes. (twss)

Subversion Art Saturday!

The foodie neighborhood of Sapphire Village. Folks travel here from all over Neo Babylon to eat at the highest rated restaurants anywhere. As a bonus, there are no Mess O' Porridge stores in the entire place and they say a spirit keeps the streets clean!

No sales promos on Friday! Just sneak peaks! We'll call it "Sneak Peak Friday" until we can come up with something better. "Flasher Friday?"

Here's an Uttu Dabrutu - a demon who causes storms! Demons, or so we are told, are responsible for most tragedies in Neo Babylon!

Beware the Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon!

Another inhabitant of the Dangerbor Forest, the Storm Deer are not to be trifled with. Each has an elemental power inside projecting outward as antlers!

At least they're easy to see in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

Behold, the beautiful Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon!

The coveted Steelworm. Spins incredibly tough, yet flexible, silk with metallic properties. Once, this rare treasure flourished on the island of Madagascar, but now, they all seemed to have vanished.

Perhaps you can find them in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon is back!

Spirits abound everywhere, though they most often remain hidden. Do ancient, important, numerous, or powerful places and things create them? Or is it the other way around?

Be kind to them in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

This is maybe why Steve Rodgers quits being Captain America so often in the comics? Because being a walking, super-powered, propaganda machine for America really isn't good for your mental health.

This gives me giggles ever since we used it for the Gangs of the Undercity video.

Messing around with some color stuff for the unicorn for Beasts and Beings of Neo Babylon. I am kinda partial to the one that looks like it is farting rainbow love out of its butt...

We aren't promoting it much at the atm, as we've got two other projects in the fulfillment stages, but our next big thing is & we've been working on for years now.

It's a cyber-fantasy traditional RPG set in Neo Babylon.
Keep updated here:

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