So, you're thinking you want to paint up a gang of cyberpunk fantasy elves, eh? Here's where you start. With the Valkyrs gang box, you get 6 of the most elfy gangers ever!

Paint 'em up and let us see your work!

No sales promos on Friday! Just sneak peaks! We'll call it "Sneak Peak Friday" until we can come up with something better. "Flasher Friday?"

Here's an Uttu Dabrutu - a demon who causes storms! Demons, or so we are told, are responsible for most tragedies in Neo Babylon!

Perhaps you like fancy stuff? We've got just 3 of these babies left. These Gangs of the Undercity Enhanced starter sets come with the base game (and its 12 minis), but also the fancy big rulebook, gotu tape measure, two sets of dice, and grit poker chips!

Maybe you don't need the rulebook or the second gang. Maybe you just want these 6 cyberpunk fantasy minis. What luck! You can get the flaming skulls gang box, with 6 chaotic, incendiary gangers for you to paint and slam on the table!

In anticipation of the upcoming Fall In Love, Not In Line, why not check out the game that started it all?
Misspent Youth is the game of teenage rebellion against an unjust & unacceptable future.

We could all use some youth overturning old injustice.

We still have a number of Gangs of the Undercity 2-Player Intro sets left. When those are gone, we'll make a new run, so if you want the first edition and missed the Kickstarter (or just want a great game and 12 cyberpunk fantasy minis), grab it here!

Do you love cyberpunk? What about fantasy?
What if they fell in love and had a cyberpunk fantasy baby with themes of rebellion and direct action?

That is the World of Neo Babylon! And you can read an anthology of fiction in this world!

Check it out!

Hey-O! It's Shadowrun Origins time!
Part 3 of our second C.A.S. adventure is here! Eat it up like the team eats up pecan logs.

our website has been the source of some frustration over the last few years, but we finally made some time to revamp it!

Check it out!

IPR is our Fragging Unicorns distributor, so head to the IPR Booth (2447) at Gen Con to grab Misspent Youth, Sell Out With Me, and other indy game goodness!

If you're feeling blue,
all you have to do,
Is listen to this new parody!

We've taken on Men Without Hats' Safety Dance! By request. Check it out.

We're discussing a "spirit realm" in Subversion. A kind of "Astral Plane," but for various reasons, we don't want to use the words "astral" or "spirit" to describe it. What would you call a mana field penetrating everything & overlaying the world where ethereal beings exist? These are our initial stabs at is. You think these are cool? Would you call it something else?
We like ideas of potential, hiddenness, and intangibility.

Phantom World
Hidden Realm
The Ether

Beware the Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon!

Another inhabitant of the Dangerbor Forest, the Storm Deer are not to be trifled with. Each has an elemental power inside projecting outward as antlers!

At least they're easy to see in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

Behold, the beautiful Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon!

The coveted Steelworm. Spins incredibly tough, yet flexible, silk with metallic properties. Once, this rare treasure flourished on the island of Madagascar, but now, they all seemed to have vanished.

Perhaps you can find them in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

Beasts & Beings of Neo Babylon is back!

Spirits abound everywhere, though they most often remain hidden. Do ancient, important, numerous, or powerful places and things create them? Or is it the other way around?

Be kind to them in the upcoming . Crowdfunding soon.

Hello! No Shadowrun Origins release this week, but can I interest you in an Neo-Anarchist Podcast episode instead?

Here's episode 136: 2077b!

Hey there, keen peeps!
Here's some timely Shadowrun: Origins beef for your ear-gullets! This is the meet part of the run we're calling Extraction Factions with our very own @2050GuardManger as the GM... Enjoy!

Hey punks!
Pre-orders for Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line are going to be up for just a little while longer as we get the final production numbers ready.
If you missed out on the Kickstarter, now's your chance to grab it, & any community copies which will be free for folks who need them and for schools and libraries!

This is maybe why Steve Rodgers quits being Captain America so often in the comics? Because being a walking, super-powered, propaganda machine for America really isn't good for your mental health.

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