Monday, the House Public Health Committee is hearing HB 1686. This bill would COMPLETELY BAN transgender youth from receiving essential, lifesaving healthcare. Contact members of the Public Health Committee NOW. Tell them that you won't stand for this:

Anyone have solid knowledge about legends and folk stories coming from the Pacific Islands? Or know anyone who speaks Tahitian, Samoan, Tongan, Māori or Hawaiian?

Due to an error on Opti's part (gremlins), the video had to be reloaded. Here is the right link (starting in 2 minutes)

Anyone ever go to EXPO? I get the impression it's a way to network towards getting our games picked up by retailers and distributers,

but... if we have to spend thousands of dollars to get a booth, hotel, etc., and nothing comes of it, I think I'd cry.

@Unicorn_Opti Congratulations! I caught about 45 minutes of the livestream before I had to jump to a meeting. Will there be another draft of the rules incorporating the Discord questions and feedback?

It is DONE! Thanks to every one of the 1,103 backers who helped Fragging Unicorns raise $61,879.35 to help bring Subversion to life!

Now... you all don't have to get bombarded by unicorn-brand social media hype onslaughts every day!

What a rejoiceable day!

We have a completely arbitrary goal of 1,111 backers for Subversion in these last 15 minutes! Help us reach our arbitrary goal! Even if it's just $1! Every bit helps!

One and half hours left until we are done!
We'd like to hit $61,006 before we end (that is $1 more than we raised for Gangs of the Undercity)!

Here's the link, help if you can. LAST CHANCE!

Join us for our Subversion Kickstarter end-of-campaign finale!

Cliff and Palmer and Opti are hanging out, come hang out, too!

Join us tomorrow morning (3/23) at 8am Central for our end-of-the-kickstarter finale for Subversion!

The end has come. Tomorrow, it will be over, and no one, not even Marduk, will remember us, or why we made this game. All that will be remembered is you and us stood together to make it happen.

Help us achieve victory and glory and another stretch goal!

It's clear we've run out of responsible ways to market Subversion. But we're still doing it!

Join the goddess of the moon supporting Subversion, in its FINAL 24 Hours on Kickstarter!

Impale yourself on our magic unicorn horn we're calling: Subversion.

Join the goddess of the moon in supporting Subversion, now in the FINAL 36 Hours of the Kickstarter!

Community, Rebellion, in the Cyberpunk Fantasy city of Neo Babylon!


We believe in you!

Sumerian Empire in the modern day with extra fantasy. It's a hell of a take and I'm pretty interested.

I glanced @ the backers for Subversion today, & I gotta be honest, I got some feels. There's people in there I KNOW do not play games, but support us because they love us. There were professional game devs there too, which blows my mind. Like, thanks, folks. That's pretty cool.

I used to think of this as my favorite D&D shirt, but it's arguably more appropriate for #SubversionRPG now?

In related news, the fiction anthology is funded! Everything else is gravy from here for me, but if you haven't backed it already, check it out and help push them further along.

#ttrpg #gaming

The Kickstarter for #SubversionRPG ends in less than 48 hours, and although it's well-funded already, one more stretch goal is in reach.

If you like nice things and want to get in early on a new #ttrpg that combines fantasy, cyberpunk, and rebellion, check out my initial thoughts and then join me in backing it!

#gaming #RPGs #Shadowrun


We're down to the FINAL 48 HOURS of our Kickstarter campaign. Make sure you back before it's over so you can get the free adventure PDFs!

Community, Rebellion, in the Cyberpunk Fantasy city of Neo Babylon. So EXCTING!

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