This gives me giggles ever since we used it for the Gangs of the Undercity video.

Er... hey. You want some Shadowrun bonus content?
Here's something. It's a Staying Alive parody from the perspective of an Ork who works at Docwagon and is using this as a sales pitch.

Conventions shennanigans are behind us, so we are back with another elite episode of Shadowrun Origins. More downtime with the crew, and we welcome back Steven 'Bull' Ratkovich, not as a GM, but as a new cast member. Also, some new art by Jason Thewog.


Here's me in all my lame-wad glory, talking about FUG's games at Origins Game Fair.

Messing around with some color stuff for the unicorn for Beasts and Beings of Neo Babylon. I am kinda partial to the one that looks like it is farting rainbow love out of its butt...

Hey keen sexypeople! We've a discord for Fragging Unicorns! We talk Gangs of the Undercity, Misspent Youth, Subversion, game design, share art, pics, tips on minis painting, and have a good time.

Here's the link if you want to hang out with nerds.

We aren't promoting it much at the atm, as we've got two other projects in the fulfillment stages, but our next big thing is & we've been working on for years now.

It's a cyber-fantasy traditional RPG set in Neo Babylon.
Keep updated here:

I love this pic of the Erenu, the forest guardians, by Marco Walters for . The colors are just me messing around, but I just love how these forest folk have their own sort of fashion that is like... noble-hop-forest-core.

You aren't ready for this one.
Final episode of the Shadowrun: Origins run we're calling: Counterstroke.

There are some stings worse than torture.

Anyone going to and want to help by running some games for Fragging Unicorns as a GM? We need folks to run small Gangs of the Undercity demos
and Misspent Youth games. DM me if you're interested! $$ and merch compensation available!

Somebody posted earlier they were looking for an RPG where you could have magic as well as guns, angels and vampires getting day jobs, ogres and goblins doing crimes, etc...

Boy howdy have we got something coming for you.

***LAST 5 HOURS***

Missed out on Misspent Youth? Never played the iconic punk game before? Grab the original, the expansion (Sell Out With Me), & the new Fall In Love, Not In Line (perfect for new players) in one bundle by backing the Kickstarter.


***LAST 5 HOURS***

Misspent Youth rocks because you can be punks in any setting. Be teenage space wizards fighting a galactic empire or cadets in a utopian space federation rebelling against militarism. Punk's a million things & your punk self's waiting.

You can be the town in Footloose fighting the church to bring dance back to Hairspray's Baltimore where you fight racism allowing black and white to dance together.


***Final 9 hours!!!***
Last chance to back us!

Missed out on Misspent Youth? Never played the iconic punk game before? Grab the original, the expansion (Sell Out With Me), and the new Fall In Love, Not In Line (perfect for new players) in one bundle.


*** 12 Hours Left ***

Our Kickstarter for Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line ends soon! If you've been waiting until the last minute, it is fast approaching! We'd love to hit our next stretch goal before the end, so can you help us?


We're down to 15 hours left in our Misspent Youth Kickstarter, and we'll be offending authorities! In fact, right now over on, we're playing a new episode with a setting we created this morning!

Acid Cloud Cities on Venus! Romantic and deadly...


We're chatting Misspent Youth with
in 5 minutes! We'll be chatting about Misspent Youth development, art, layout, and the beginning and legacy of Misspent Youth.

Join us and while you're at it, back the kickstarter (***17 hours left***)!


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