@Sandra Absolutely!

Also working on a Pulp Sci-Fantasy Setting, whether I want to or not, 'cause my brain doesn't like to let go of ideas...

"Tales from Beyond the Fringe".

Just dropped 3,700 words on sci-fantasy stuff for future Manual of Adventurous Resource books from Purple Martin Games... probably won't see release 'til Q4 at the earliest...

Been working on a Psion for A5e. I know, I know. There'll be one in the Voidrunner's Codex, but I just dislike caster-psionics where every power is a single discrete 'spell'. Mine's almost ready for the light of day, but we'll be waiting to see what Ryan Nock wants to do about a collaborative Psionic Book before it goes live.

Spending days chewing fingernails, waiting on the response for which articles get taken after a pit call and which ones are for me to do with as I please.

So yeah this is the ultra secret link to the A5e tools website, so you don't -have- to get the books to play the game.


Don't share it with anyone or I could get in big trouble!

(This is a joke, share it as much as possible, it's in open beta!)

Just finalized my work on an ENPublishing project. Looking at between $700 and $1,100, depending on how much of my work is taken.

The addition 4,100 words form two short appendixes that weren't part of the original format.

Whatever the case... I'm going to take this money to commission Cover Art and one or more Interior Art pieces for Sins of the Scorpion Age.

I'd love to kickstart it. But there's a way to go, yet.

Almost done with the Eldritch Blackguard Martial Tradition. Just need one more 4th and 5th degree maneuver. Got my evil magics article ready. Starting in on the Marshall Archetypes and new Heritages... should be a wild pitch call this month.

Got back an editorial review of my work on an adventure. Essentially "Good work. Do more of it." so... I've been walking on Sunshine since 8am or so. <3

My games rarely go as planned. This week was no different!

They kinda skipped ahead and slightly to the side in the story, though. So at least I've got a loose understanding of where it's going!

I really wish I had enough space in Mastodon's interface to explain to you all my plane of existence "The Wasteland" created for a setting about 4 years ago based on a series of Operas.

The shortest way I can describe it is: The place where the gods of a given setting throw away their failures. Home to eldritch horrors. And mortal losses.

Seas of Wasted Youth. Mountains of Lusty Daydreams. Tatterdemalions made up of lost socks. Imaginary Friends, forgotten, inhabiting a lost land.

@JayAdan A couple nice dowels that stick through the whole box? Yeah! That'd work, great!

@JayAdan Maybe a couple of paperweights on the inside? Or maybe just a few slender bars of iron, lead, or another particularly dense material laying flat on the bottom to counter the angled weight?


If you weren't there live, you can still see the Star Crossed Seaway, Episode 1! It came out hilarious!

@LeviKornelsen This looks absolutely incredible. I love it, as is appropriate for my username.

Time to follow everyone who follows Morrus... After all, social media works best when you connect with a whole mess of people, right?

Right now I'm writing up a short adventurebit for my SotSA campaign. It's nothing major, and I'm aiming to only do 2,000 words because article-length gives me a structured format to aim for... but it feels... too easy? Not the combat, mind you. Or the encounters. But writing like this. I've always sort of gone seat-of-pants DMing and never really did a ton of writing and now I'm wondering -why-. Why did I never sit down and make a more fully fleshed out plan?

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