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@faho The wolfboy who cried.

Villager: "Not again, wolfboy."

Wolfboy: "But... I'm a wolfboy... It's horrible."

Villager: "And we're all medieval peasants. Sucks all around. You gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps!"

Wolfboy looks at his wolf feet and begins to cry.

Villager: "Okay... That was my bad."

@pizza You should move your card table and napping chair outside the door. People are tired of hearing that big key ring jangling around all day.

@Shiny_Elster It's a nice cow. I like how you did the spots. Are you coloring face-by-face in blender? I always find the UV mapping stuff to be so painful for my (bad) models. But if there's a way to easily color by face, that'd be nice.

Warhammer 40k: CHADS GATE - Daemonhunters is a game about taking a squad of four absolute chads and wrecking daemons with them.

New business plan: Duckwater.
Slogan: "Nothing tastes quite like water off a duck."
Positives: Selling water. It's cheap.
Negatives: Requires at least one duck.

@smitty I don't think people who are pro-life or pro-guns are necessarily intolerant. I just think they are f*$?ing wrong. It's not necessary to listen to or convince people who are f*$?ING wrong either. I call it the Non-Paradox of There Sometimes Being a Correct Answer.

@raptor85 @ghosttownoli Yeah, I think it probably is still one of the easiest to use RPG creators ever made. Solasta has something similar but I haven't tried it out yet.

@ghosttownoli That's why it's a classic! Assuming you played Jade Empire? If not, check it out.

Upbeat music, made sad. 

One of Alanis' best. And I actually like Alanis Morissette.

Seeing lots of good reviews for 40k: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters. Chomping at the bit to play it. I do love me some XCOM-likes. Let's see if it's better than Mechanicus...


Son of the Stanley Parable: Not Without My Bucket.

@faho @alstev
A song created to correct an earlier song created about astrological phenomena...

Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (They Might Be Giants)

@lrhodes I've heard people refer to the lack of interest-based sampling on the Federated timeline as a feature. But the more I use this, the more people I follow, it feels more and more like a mistake to me. There really should be a way to let those you follow grow and turn on sampling for you specifically somehow. It's addictive because it can be enjoyable to have a large community. There is a certain quality in quantity sometimes.

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Mastodon provides several tools for managing your timeline.

You can add notes to any profile. Why did you follow them? Are they a repeat offender? Remind yourself.

You can disable boosts on a per-user basis. Maybe you want to see a user's posts, but not everything that interests them.

You can temporarily mute an account while they get something out of their system.

You filter out posts with specific words, hashtags or phrases.

And when all else fails: block, unfollow, or mute indefinitely.

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@faho Does anybody want to buy an NFT of my kidneys? I'm thinking about minting NFTs for each kidney. Second run will be my left and right kidneys in different hats, in case if you feel more like my left kidney in a fedora.

@gillyarcht @Gargron There is a "slow mode" in the settings to only update on a click. But I do think that the federated feed needs to have a little smarter sampling. That smart sampling is essentially what birdplace and faceplace sell, so there is a customer need there. It is useful to be able to go to one place and get the whole smorgasbord experience.

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