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@mcchessers My understanding on asking around is that your instance is a place for game developers to post, not a place for game dev content only. That said, you can post only to your followers with unlisted if you're worried about it.

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@darjr @Mastodon Go to the site, and put a /public on the end. For example,

@matttwood Slap a fancy border on it, and you're good to go. Videogames need more Cinecatography.

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When you have your first public playtest and want to make sure the players know why they're racing, but don't have time to animate a nice cutscene - time to improvise!



@matttwood Improvise? That's final product material right there.

Programming advice wanted, long post 

@Canageek it sounds like the thing you really want is awk.

@artbyemilyhare Aw. I wouldn't even feel bad if this guy was eating my plants. Where I come from he be referred to as a cutie-patootie.

@greeniememes Oh, I love Mini Metro and Motorway. They're so satisfying to play.

What is a pirate's favorite element? 

ARRRRRgon? Really? No! Gold, obviously.

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What is a pirate's favorite branch of the military? 

No, not the ARRRrmy. It's the Navy, obviously.

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Testing CW with more #dumbjokes. What is a pirate's favorite letter? 

No not R, it's the C. They both tend to be found in the vicinity of murders.

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Tonight's project was updating the Commercial Maps Archive - now up to a mere FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-FIVE free commercially-licensed maps!

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

@Mallard "Stanley thought about clicking the Follow button, moved his mouse over the button, and he clicked it. 'Oh, that felt good,' thought Stanley. Another job well done. Another day of hard work behind him."


Does this work for you? Sounds more like what you want vs float, which can be encoded oddly sometimes (though I'd be surprised if it really has that many issues at 0.99 vs 1.0).

@morrus in the world of Dark Sums the use of math drains life from the earth around it. New player race: Thri-kreens, born with short lifespans but also the ability to count to four.

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