@atoponce Cryptology includes cryptography and cryptanalysis. But I would argue that it includes other cryptography-tangential mechanisms like authentication, signatures, zero-knowledge proofs, randomness generation, etc. Personally, I view cryptology as a more mathematical endeavor as well, and cryptography to be more applicable to application.

True story: A recruiter once asked me what cryptology meant... and wondered if it was the study of hieroglyphics.

@web3isgreat Finally a digital currency you can count on to clean you out.

V Rising is such a great game. The combat is just so satisfying. The base building is deep. The community (so far) is non-toxic that I've seen (even in PvP). If you like Valheim, crafting games... Try it out.

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Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

@cassolotl I feel like CFS undersells itself if it's bringing you to exhaustion. And that's the phrase I'd probably use "chronically physically exhausted."

I hope you find some relief.

Love, Death, and Robots Season 3 is actually good again! This makes me happy. Season 1 was great, IMO. Season 2 was pretty meh mostly. But I'm four episodes in and not really a bad one yet.

what is this movie 

@tripofmice This has me stumped. I can think of the opposite. Now You See Me has a run where the audience sees a version... TWIST. You saw it all wrong. But that ends in success. Interested in hearing the answer.

what is this movie 

@tripofmice I think this is fairly common in heist movies. Oceans Eleven shows how it's supposed to go at first...IIRC

@thegibson Long ago, I created a website with a webmaster email address on it that forwarded to my boss. Then one day my boss went on vacation, so he set up an autoresponder. Someone mailed the webmaster, it forwarded to the boss, which replied to the webmaster... Which forwarded to the.boss. And I brought down the company mail for a while.

Not my worst fail though. My worst was owning the component that brought down healthcare.gov when it launched. Oops.

Videogames, problematic, racism, 

Man, Transport Fever 2 is a nice Railroads type game... But I'm ready to dump the narrator in the ocean. Like I get it, the industrial era was exploitive. I don't need to hear this stupid dude pretending to be oldtimey by going on about cityfolk getting lazy so let's pull in poor people from the countryside to bust the unions or how Mexicans like free handouts. Wtf. Still early in the chapters, but I hope the later quests aren't more of the same.

Birds singing loudly, carelessness with bodies. 

@faho All autocorrect should allow ^Z to undo. Otherwise you lose creative masterpieces like the following: youtu.be/uguXNL93fWg

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@schlink The trick is to make a table. The list of words on the X axis, the list of words on the Y axis. You know you don't need the diagonal in that table (comparing index i to index i). You also don't need anything past that diagonal because that'll be a double compare.

@schlink Yep. There is. More like this...
for i = 0..list.len() {
for j = 0 .. i - 1 {
let this_edit_distance = find_edit_distance(list[i], list[j]);

@schlink Oh and also m < n indexwise. Actually the additional check for same word is pretty... iffy itself. If it's a list of all the same words... the mean edit distance should be 0.

@schlink That's because I'm pretty sure it's wrong. You want for every (m, n) where m != n, get the edit distance.

for #1 should be i = 0 ... list size - 1
for #2 should be j = 0 to i - 1


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