CFS is obviously very rubbish, but there's this additional dimension where it's just really hard to describe what is going on.

"Why can't you [do this very important and easy thing]?"
"I'm too tired."

It just feels like a pathetic excuse and a totally inadequate description.

It's like, how many times in your life have you been so wiped out and exhausted that your bones hurt? So tired that just lying awake on a sofa in a quiet room makes you more tired. Not the kind that comes from needing to sleep, the kind where your body has run out of battery.

"Tired" is like, "I'm an able-bodied person and I've worked a 50-hour week and I could do with putting my feet up for a day or two", and CFS is like recovering-from-major-surgery tired, for weeks or months or years...

And it just seems so unhelpful that they use the same word.

If I level up the words I use to express the extent to which I'm tired, it just sounds like I'm being melodramatic. "I'm so totally obliterated that it feels like my bones are being crushed by it." See???? Ugh!!!

Anyway yeah, I'm 110% knackered.


@cassolotl I feel like CFS undersells itself if it's bringing you to exhaustion. And that's the phrase I'd probably use "chronically physically exhausted."

I hope you find some relief.

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