Been playing Knights of the Old Republic on mobile recently and it's just an absolute classic of a game (mobile controls in general not withstanding) I wish there were like a million more. Someone needs to make the equivalent of RPGMaker but for games in that style because there just aren't enough of them.

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@ghosttownoli KOTOR was Odyssey engine, basically just an upgraded Aurora Engine, so what you're looking for actually sort of exists, the Aurora toolset to make custom modules in NWN, it was EXTREMELY popular and there's tons of custom modules. Would be nice to have a more modern version though.


@raptor85 @ghosttownoli Yeah, I think it probably is still one of the easiest to use RPG creators ever made. Solasta has something similar but I haven't tried it out yet.

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@Simplicity @raptor85 this is sort of what i mean i guess but made into a bit more of an intended engine suitable for artists and writers (maybe it's more like that than i imagine). Is there an archive of these games out there somewhere?

@raptor85 @Simplicity ah excellent thankyou very much 👍! could not find this anywhere. Will definitely take a look at these

@ghosttownoli @Simplicity
It's not as massive of a list but many of them plus new ones are on the steam workshop as well, EE has workshop integration where it can auto-install modules for you.

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