Okay so how scientifically accurate is the Soundgarden song? Will Black Hole Sun in fact come?

@faho I'm sorry to say that our Sun will not turn into a black hole. It'll turn into a white dwarf in like 4.5 billion years. But that's a good thing! Massive stars that end up as stellar black holes are short-lived and very volatile. Not an ideal nurturing space environment for a planet with life.

@alstev okay, so what's a more accurate song about astrological phenomena?

Jonathan Coulton's I'm Your Moon?


@faho @alstev
A song created to correct an earlier song created about astrological phenomena...

Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (They Might Be Giants) g.co/kgs/dQ51dV


@faho @alstev

And of course the original, which is wrong but still rocks.


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