One or two accounts regularly posting things that don't interest you is manageable, but the more you add, the easier it is to lose the signal in the noise. With no algorithm working to keep you addicted, it's easy to let your Home timeline get overrun. Follow freely, but also be ready to unfollow for basic quality of life reasons. The Federated timeline can be overwhelming, but your Home timeline shouldn't be. You have to tend it like a garden, and a little pruning goes a long way. #feditips


@lrhodes I've heard people refer to the lack of interest-based sampling on the Federated timeline as a feature. But the more I use this, the more people I follow, it feels more and more like a mistake to me. There really should be a way to let those you follow grow and turn on sampling for you specifically somehow. It's addictive because it can be enjoyable to have a large community. There is a certain quality in quantity sometimes.

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