The end of the Death on the Reik Guide is finally done.

Book 2 of the Enemy Within complete. Time for a small break with some D&D guide coming up.

Death in the Reik Part 2. An in depth guide for the game masters of book 2 of the Enemy within campaign.

Nurgle almost took me but heck yeah I am back! The first part of Death on the Reik is out! About time indeed!

Finally I am back home and I can continue my guides for the enemy within campaign! Death on The Reik is loading!!!

So here we go! time! I am RPGLoremaster an lover. World Settler. Dedicated Ale drinker. Dream-walker. Nightmare fighter. Depressed optimist.

Born in Athens, Greece and delved into the magical corners of more than 20 years ago. Being a game master for the majority of those years I love reading everything that might spark my imagination and give me seeds for my next story line.

My latest hobby is

In which I shall return soon!!

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