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Dorron’s Tower isn’t so much a tower as an ascending dungeon structure built around a tall central chamber with small windows looking down from each room into the central "shaft" chamber.


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Renowned as the axe that severed the Isle of Stones from the Giant's Coast, Worldcutter is a heavy black steel axe on an ancient petrified wood haft. Despite its mystical past, the weapon is a Battle Axe +1 with no other special abilities.

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Time to draw the dungeons!

I try to stream my work every Tue / Thu / Sat from 1-4pm Eastern.

I drew this piece last stream and started on something new that we'll finish today (also circle-based).

Please join me!


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Karaczun’s Hollows

These caves were used by enterprising halflings panning for treasure in this glacial stream (the glacier sits atop an ancient dwarven citadel). With the citadel now uncovered, they hope to sell the location (and contents) to you!


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DungeonMorphs – Crypts Set 2

A selection of six crypt geomorphs originally designed by Alyssa Faden, Billiam Babble, Glynn Seal, Joe Wetzel, and myself - all redrawn (and occasionally slightly modified) in my style for DungeonMorphs IV.


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There are now 1,150 maps linked from my primary maps page.

I think I need a hobby.


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The Burbling Subterrane (a 5-room dungeon)

Named for the brook that burbles through these gallery caverns, this small set of caves has a mushroom cave, an old goblin burial chamber, and a memorial to a group of unknown dwarves in the depths...


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The Idol Pit

Weird unlucky idols appear in the village every 5-10 years and become the focus of town activity.

The village gets together and brings it to the bottom of the cave where it joins its fellows, and the finder of the idol is drowned.


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Sanctuary of Xeeus

Xeeus is no ordinary oracle, but a kopru who has been slowly creating prophecies through long-term domination of those who seek it out... And eating those it finds unsuitable.


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Beneath the Temperance Stone - a 5-room dungeon

A small set of caverns beneath a table stone attached to the Pride's Circle of standing stones on the edge of the Middlemark Woods - used for secret rituals and the tomb of a pair of ancient druids.


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Thread aide à personne en détresse (pas moi) 

Je cherche des gens autour de Neuilly-Plaisance (93) pour aider une personne en grande difficulté à charger un camion.

2 étages, sans ascenseur, pas (ou vraiment très peu) de meubles, essentiellement des cartons.

WE du 24/09 (idéalement) ou 01/10

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Release the Kraken on Tombs of the Silver Army

This three-tiered tomb has just been re-released under the free commercial use license.


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5 Room Dungeon - The Traveller's Well

Stairs lead down into a sinkhole and associated caves near the ruins of Fort Redshield. A pair of bismuth pillars bracket a strange portal to other places, worlds, and even dimensions to those with the right magics.


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The Sultan's Basement

This is a much more detailed redraw of the upper level of the dungeon map I drew for Zzarchov's "The City of Tears". This level has a number of wide and towering corridors that allows the massive cyclops to wander those areas.


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DungeonMorphs – Crypts Set 1

A selection of six crypt geomorphs originally designed by Alyssa Faden, Billiam Babble, Glynn Seal, Joe Wetzel, and myself - all redrawn (and occasionally slightly modified) in my style for DungeonMorphs IV.


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The Wretched Reliquary - A 5-Room Dungeon

Befouled by a necrotic miasma, this reliquary of the Sarmodath faith is but a remnant of its former glory. Gilt buttresses now black and ruined, stonework decaying and crumbling, everything diseased in its way...


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