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talking about Press Kits

On Twitter I accumulated some links to example press kits that people had produced. The growing community might also find them useful

This one is by Cezar Capacle

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It's still the last hours of #SelfPromoSaturday somewhere (despite being gone 4am here, coincidentally about the same time I published this yesterday. How odd)

I recently released Cuplets: A Collection of Libations for the Comprehensive Universal Poem System by Chubby Crow Games

Cuplets (Open Edition):
(Both are under the Creative Comrades License, but the original has licensed art)


#TTRPG #12WordRPG #Poetry #Poem

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I'm on the lookout for some copyediting or proofreading work, now that my health is allowing me to focus again!

I'd really like to work on more TTRPG projects, so if you've got a project that needs a last look-over from a different set of eyes, send me a DM. I'll work on smaller project for free, in exchange for a testimonial!

You can see my game design work at, and my portfolio at

#ZiMo #ttrpg #SelfPromoSaturday

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On this #selfpromosaturday

We have issue 18 out now, packed with the usual great reviews (Bladerunner and Cy_Borg), articles, scenarios, and more!

And we are also on Patreon! for folk who want the zine in either a digital or print subscription.

On this I want to mention the that I’m working on at the moment.

The Long Road Home is a story game based on my Retrospective game system. Friends on the way home from their epic fantasy quest, reminding themselves of the friends, foes, triumphs and terrors along the way.

Basic game runs as a one shot, but I plan to include campaign and solo journaling modes too.

I have an SRD for retrospective games on my site here.

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Amazing how many brilliant scientists will look at an LLM "passing" a standardized test and think, "wow, this computer is very smart" and not "standardized tests are very bad at measuring intelligence"

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Got a little tired of the mythology around Brewster Kahle and the Internet Archive and The Open Library, so I took a stab at debunking it:

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Reply-boosting ⬆️ to add the #photography tag which I stupidly omitted from the original post.

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For the record I would absolutely paid-subscribe to a DPReview reboot.

Maybe boost if you would too, might make a thing happen.


Alex White boosted has going back to 1999. I just donated to them to help keep all that information around. The manner of the shutdown ("available in read-only mode for a limited period after...[April 2023]": is a reminder of how important doing that is. H/T: @nizmow

It is ‘Creators Day’ on itch dot io today, so if you were to purchase one of my games there, all the money comes to me* so it would be lovely if today was a day someone went for a lovely PDF of one of my games there!

*it’s not a lot of money

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Friendly reminder that using those 'fancy text' generators to make your name or the text in your posts all pretty makes them inaccessible to screen reader users.
to you, they're just cute lettering you can just skip over. For a screen reader user like me, depending on various things, they could come out as
'mathematical small bold k mathematical small bold a mathematical small bold r mathematical small bold a',
'letter 126b letter 17dj letter 13y7dwiz'
or nothing at all.
I'm not sure off the top of my head how they appear on a Braille display but it's bound to be a right mess.
I don't particularly call any of those pretty, do you?
Plain boring text that is accessible to everyone is the new pretty.

Reading articles like this about Google make me furious.

I’ve been relying on them as my main email service for something like 15 years now; it would be a wrench but I wonder whether there are any good free alternatives I could move to?

Has anyone here moved from gmail to something else?

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Ouch, my heart is breaking. We just had about a dozen Security Program Managers have their positions eliminated from our group as part of the MS layoffs. Skills range from security product development to fundamentals and compliance to threat modeling and secure software design. If you're hiring for any positions like this, please respond below and I'll make sure they see these opportunities.


Playing cards are used to guide your story told in flashbacks of love, success, misfortune and deaths with the people you worked alongside. Ultimately in the final session you discover who lives, who dies and who tells their stories.

This game gives you an opportunity to tell your own stories of courage and sacrifice and to honour the women who did it for real.

Find out more about the game (or watch some documentaries about these amazing women) here

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This is an immersive table top story game for 2-5 players, without a GM. A game session can take from 2-4 hours to play. All you need is a pack of playing cards, some paper and pens, and this short rulebook. You don’t need any historical knowledge to play —

I have filled the rulebook with real-life examples that will help steer you towards the kind of situations and dilemmas which were faced by women working in the SOE.

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Since it is I would like to mention the story game I’ve written called “A Cool and Lonely Courage” about the women spies in WW2 France. Available from @IPRTweets here

It is the Second World War. France has fallen to the Nazis and Churchill needs to disrupt Hitler's war machine. The SOE recruits women as well as men for combat operations. One third of these women who worked in occupied France were captured and killed.

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I think it's rather telling the Timelords—one of the most technologically advance civilizations in all of the cosmos—don't use touchscreens or web browsers.

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BBC’s Panorama has a look inside Twitter now. It’s very damning.

The investigation is going out on prime time TV on BBC One tonight at 8pm. Elon responded to the BBC with a joke.

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Do you make games and use stock photos you pay for? (So, not from Unsplash or Pixabay or Wikimedia Commons or Pexels or any of the other free ones.)

What site for paid stock photos has been the best for you?

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