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I'm a who enjoys , (especially ) (especially ).

My books are available on Amazon ( and on my own website

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Fortunately, my fifth take was even better and did not have feline interference, much to her annoyance.

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Dag nab it. This first take of this narration was damn good... except for the jingle of my cat's bell right in the middle of a line as she jumped up on my chair.

Heck of a time to finally take an interest in me, Ilia.

Literally no Democrat cares if Hunter Biden is prosecuted if he committed crimes. He's not elected—we're not a cult. In fact, if he committed a crime, prosecute him! Be our guest!

We just call it *absurd* that MAGAs—who let Kushner & Ivanka make $640M while "government employees" and get $2B after leaving the White House, under wildly suspicious means from a murderous dictator—now pretend to care about alleged Biden nepotism.

We see your shameless, dangerous hypocrisy.

It's dangerous to go to stores. This N95 will not protect me from

Pinned introductory toot!

I'm a who enjoys , (especially ) (especially ).

My books are available on Amazon ( and on my own website

Food toots will be under

Media reviews will be under

My personal RPG group stuff will be under

If you have kids 12+, my Zack Jackson series is a great way to start them on some sci-fi adventures! Join Zack in the 43rd century with book 1, Zack Jackson & The Cult of Athos. Available on Kindle or in print at or on my website,

Pay attention when strikes happen. Because the rhetoric quickly becomes "the nurses should sacrifice themselves for the greater good", "the railroad workers should sacrifice themselves", "the teachers should sacrifice themselves", "essential workers should sacrifice themselves".

Listen for how few and who says "Profits should be sacrificed for the greater good". Listen to how those asked to wear a mask or get a vaccine SCREAMED about how unfair that sacrifice for the greater good was.

The Gingerbreadening has begun. Can you guess what I'm making this year?


Whenever I have a day where I just didn't accomplish what I set out to do, this is 100% the reason.

Pretty good session last night for my Planar campaign despite being one player down and second have to bail mid-combat (family issues). I'll try not to wait 2 weeks to get the full write-up on, but I make no guarantees! :p


Somehow, disabled people are just expected to cope with being constantly gaslit by the government and peers about the severity of the ongoing pandemic. We're somehow expected to cope with seeing the access of widespread virtual events be withdrawn, just as we predicted it would.


Okay, #writer peeps! I am definitely not yet up on this place's nuances yet.

I want to follow some other writers who talk about craft, how the work kicks all our asses, passion, things they find beautiful and joyous, and snoot boops.

Who do you follow that you love for these or similar reasons?

One of the fun things about watching old shows is that you see an actor, and you're like "Who is that kid?" Then the camera angle changes and you discover it's a 21 year-old Richard Dreyfus!

(The show in question is The Ghost & Mrs. Muir).

Friends going to large events this weekend, I’m BEGGING you. People are traveling in from all over — plenty of places where case rates are even higher.

Wear N95s or better. Don’t take them off around people for ANY reason.

Please, please protect yourselves and the community.

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This is 100% the result of a Republican super-majority legislature determining that citizens of their state MUST work for someone or else they do not deserve to eat or even live.

Yay capitalism.

Backerkit and Kickstarter really need to start holding projects accountable.

Sirens - Battle of the Bards collected shipping through Backerkit in Sept. 2021 and are now telling backers it'll be Dec. 2023 at the earliest before the PDFs are ready.

They still haven't addressed Backer concerns over the abusive behavior of the project creators and their unwillingness to address our other concerns.

Due to the amount of hate speech now being allowed on Twitter, I've started reporting the app on the GooglePlay store.

De-platform Nazis and white supremacists! We can't let them gain further traction.

This toot has no purpose because I have nothing interesting to say. I kind of want lunch, but I don't want to make it.

So, I ended up with 66,918 words written for November. Probably one of the best months I've had.

The story isn't finished yet, but I expect daily casual writing in Dec. will be able to wrap it up. Then it goes in the editing queue.

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