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I'm an artist and I write games and game stuff. I'm also a comic artist. But mostly, mainly, I make books. Some PDF, some POD, some photocopied, some nicely printed. Doesn't matter. I just like to make books.

I have never heard of "doujinshi". But basically it sounds like just what I would call "small press comics". That's what we called them in the 90s. If you made a comic and photocopied it and mailed it you were making small press comics.

I understand, though, that doujinshi specifically refers to the Japanese small press comics trend. Very interesting!

This is the kind of shit that would be in back in the day.
Made a blog post discussing why on earth the Al-Qadim Land of Fate box set has the cover it has. It's not a good cover for such a game set. Why did it turn out that way? Spoiler: I don't know the answer.

I'm old school pro free speech as fuck but some of these dudes only seem to be interested in being pro dickhead. As if the value of speech lies merely in saying the most outlandish, absurd, and hurtful things imaginable because they don't like people who complain about it.

I still don't understand why when I click follow on some accounts it just follows but on other accounts I get a pop up saying I need to post the address into my search and follow that way.

Not asking for help, just expressing a bit of irritation at this added wrinkle that doesn't seem to add anything to the experience.

We need more about being awkward monsters trying not to get killed by hyper-moral adventurers who seek their blood and treasure.

With lots of cool tables for generating weird fucked up monster shit like fifth arms and feathers and bat wings and worm bodies.

King Gizzard's Into the Rat's Nest is fucking amazing. Not even a metal band, but they managed to make a fucking awesome metal album. Salute.

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