Woken up by the fuzzball purring and headbooping me isnt not a bad way to wake up imo :D

I *wont* be streaming tonight as its the Jingle Jam start at 5pm GMT. What is jingle Jam you ask? jinglejam.co.uk/

Tonights is Red Dwarf S2e3 followed by "Ghostbusters (1984)"
If you got Prime, come watch along at @ twitch.tv/mobiustempus or feel free to pop in and say hello!

Tonight on , Obizerho the Jedi Guardian is off to fight a sith on a ship called The Operessor... Come find out what happens over @ twitch.tv/mobiustempus

How the HECK is it gone 3pm already??? Damm i wanted to focus on things today but this is just silly...damm you yperfocus, iwsh i could turn that on or off at will!!

Today, in an effort to get back to "normal" levels of productivity (I HATE being bored/feeling unable to do things) its what I call a tech-day. So design things, brainstorming, sorting out files etc

Tonight on , Obizerho the Jedi Guardian is on Alderaan, helping out some noble family called Organa or something.... ;) Come find out what happens over @ twitch.tv/mobiustempus

Yup, although i know it's not possible, the brain still feels "bruised" this morning...like mentaly have been to the gym and feeling the after-affects

For the time being, all my stuff for #Scion2e on #DriveThruRPG is 33% off for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale

This includes the NOËL PANTHEON, a holiday-themed pantheon that includes divine patrons such as Santa Claus, Frau Holle, Krampus, and more. It is a living project that I update once or twice every year and you can get it here: drivethrurpg.com/product/33585
#TTRPG #NotDnD #ScionOrigin #ScionHero #ScionDemigod #StoryPathNexus #CommunityContent #NoelPantheon

Urrgh mentaly feeling a bit tender this morning, defo didnt sleep properly :(

It's double game day today. Scion in the morning, 5e in the evening 😁

Two big TTRPG related sales going on today -DTRPG Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale AND Itch Creator Day (where Itch.io waver their fees for the day)

Go have a look see if anything grabs your interest!



Tonight on , I'm having to deal with sand amd i hate it...you know why... ;) Doing some missions as Obizerho the Jedi Guardian ! Come find out what happens over @ twitch.tv/mobiustempus

When all other things fail, exit your comfort zone

I'm planning to run a #Scion2e holiday #OneShot with two of my regular players in 2 weeks (10th of December) and we're hoping to find 1-2 guest players to join us

This is neither streamed nor recorded, we're just taking a break to have fun

If you're interested in joining us and/or try new #ttrpg mechanics, feel free to contact me for more details. You can play your own Hero or select a premade one to play

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