Been working on some more Devlogs as I create some more content about discussions where it comes to creating

Just put up a new video from our Twitch stream of Boardgames of Stew, a deduction game of making a stew sometimes out of potato and sometimes out of rocks!

Reef didnt get a "lets play that again", but Moonshell did!
This game is gorgeous, and every bit as fun as i thought it would be after seeing the kickstarter trailer.

What do you all think about design blogs?
I've been making a few lately, and curious to know, is it something you'd be interested in watching?

What are some great, bigger dexterity games like Crokinole and Corn hole?

Just finished a full 3.5 hour end-to-end playthrough of my game: Winning Love by Daylight!
Split up in a few segments for easier viewing

A new level of weird meta content.
Speedrunning designing a game.
About Streaming on, while streaming on
that's played by streaming on, while watching
Let me know what you think, is it Cringe or peak content?

On average one of the items in your room is a mimic, but your phone can actually detect mimics! The QR code reader actually will send you to a website if it detects a mimic has taken the shape of a household object while seen by your camera.

Just finished up my latest video, which is a start of a Boardgame Design blog series, curious to know what you all think of it, and would appreciate a signal boost <3

Just bought some posters of the art from my games Castles of Caleira and Winning Love by Daylight to decorate my room!

My second attempt at building a Tabletop Roleplaying Game using Minecraft as an Engine!
This time I made a more compact dice tower

Hey friends! I'm Keith from Sydney, AUS. I'm a Boardgame and videogame designer, musician, novelist and probably other stuff I forget about. I'm really excited about this space, and the interaction I've already had on it seems super positive, I can't wait to see what cool things I discover here, and what connections I make!

Game in a toot: Post a BnW picture of yourself pretending to hold a famous object in your hand (like a landmark), post the picture on twitter claiming to have stolen the object using a shrink ray and demand a ransom of a certain number of Boosts, you win when the ransom is paid.

Been working a lot on my Youtube Channel lately and would appreciate a signal boost for my new video series!

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