Spelljammer and Dragonlance are coming. There's one more classic setting planned. Which do you think it is?


@morrus Dark Sun 2:1
Planescape 3:1
Greyhawk 5:1
Mystara 10:1
Ghostwalk 20:1
Nentir Vale 150:1

But I would really like them to take the big chance and hire a multicultural team to tackle Al-Qadim, Maztica, or Kara-Tur in a respectful and interesting way.

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@Abstruse @morrus

I got into al-Qadim after Rodney was so hyped up about it and we're now three campaigns in and the current one is 153 sessions in ♥
Zakhara is my jaaaam ♥♥♥

But yeah. There are problems. Discounting the core book, which is bad, the box sets (which are good) were written by like, white college kids in the nineties who have read Saïd and are hip to the pitfalls of orientalism but not to cultural appropriation.

My WotC wish for these regions is to see them become a more fully supported part of the Forgotten Realms (we were seeing a little bit of this starting to happen in Corsairs of the Great Sea).

Re your odds list, there's also Aebrynis/Cerilia from Birthright. I like it and my fave of the "vanilla fantasy" ones is probably Mystara although I kinda resent the exchangeability of the "vanilla fantasy" and I have a super broad definition of vanilla (Eberron is almost too vanilla).

If they ever do Dark Sun, I almost would want a separate PHB to go with it and a hex crawl style, sort of like a Red Tide or WWN approach. An endless sandboxy toolbox.
Although I was super hyped for Dark Sun but now I kinda wanna play Talislanta (the Savage Land) instead.

Also they're making D&D books of new settings like from Magic cards and from Critical Role and they're great but me and all my group are really stoked for Journeys through the Radiant Citadel! I want it ♥♥♥
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