Someone posited the question what people want from a Session Zero. My answer:

1) Campaign tone and theme

2) Questions or concerns about the tone and theme

3) Brainstorming PCs if not creating the characters

As GM, I also want to talk with each player privately after the fact in case there was anything in Step 2 they were uncomfortable saying in the group. This can be just a text or email rather than a full conversation.

Someone on Twitter is organizing a TTRPG bundle with all proceeds going to reproductive rights. You can submit your game here:

Exhibitors at Origins: If the new policy of a lack of a mask mandate at the show means you no longer feel comfortable exhibiting, they have extended the refund period.

Badge refunds for attendees must still be made by Monday, and Origins and GAMA will be keeping 10% as a fee.

It appears Origins Game Fair, one of the largest tabletop gaming conventions in the country, has dropped its mask mandate for the June event.

The refund period only extends to May 2 and GAMA (the organization running Origins) keeps 10% of the badge price. Plus all the people who planned to attend who now have to either try to get refunds on airfare and hotel or face a maskless convention hall.

The TTRPG News Digest for the Week of April 29, 2022: A new Dragonlance playtest document, new Pathfinder 2e release, lots of minis and terrain announced, a new Star Trek Adventures adventure, a preview of the Blade Runner RPG, and more!

I'm not saying you should back this Kickstarter from @morrus and @tabletopjess at EN Publishing so you can create an acid-focused sorcerer that dresses like a clown with a lapel flower as an implement that sprays acid on an army of trained intelligent balloon animals to make them stronger...I'm just saying it's a possibility...

Ah ha! If I'm in Advanced View Mode and I want a specific timeline open, there's a Pin option under the Settings. That will help a lot with customizing my layout.

Also, why is it ALWAYS "Bob" and "Steve"? Different groups, different locations, different states, different games, different's always "Bob" and "Steve".

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Someone mentioned that the GM is a player too and should have fun too and it reminded me of a pet peeve of mine:

Please don't call my NPCs "Bob" or "Steve".

I work hard to come up with interesting NPCs for my players to interact with who have memorable names and at least three recognizable traits. If you don't want to remember their names, give them nicknames based off their traits. Hell, even their profession is better. Calling them "Bob" and "Steve" makes me feel I wasted my time.

For those who need it:

If you have Notifications open, click on the little lines in the upper right to bring up a Settings menu. You can then go through each notification type and click Play Sounds. This will turn off the damn beeping.

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