CAT: Mrow?
ME: No, apparently you've had dinner
CAT: Mrow
ME: Yes it does count
CAT: Mrooow
ME: No. That a different person gave it to you than me doesn't invalidate it being 'dinner'
CAT: Mrow
ME: No. Don't try that "Theseus' Paradox" shit with me. I have a philosophy degree.

I was delighted to see that stock art publisher Fat Goblin Games made their license a free download on DriveThruRPG so you can read the license before you pay for the art. Good ideas seem obvious when implemented. I've never seen this done before! Kudos to Fat Goblin Games for the transparency (and for clear and practical license terms). Artists and art publishers, this is a good example to follow.

(Reads people complaining about AI’s difficulty in rendering hands and feet)

Ah, yes. It must suck to have to use virtual Rob Liefeld for your art.

(Sips coffee in years of art school)

Roux: Brick

Chicken: Boiled

Shrimp: Peeled

Stock: Simmering

We're getting very close to gumbo...

@Abstruse It just depends on what kind of game you want to play. Are you more oriented on tactical combat with battle maps, precise player and monster location?

Or are you more focused on the other aspects of a #ttrpg like roleplay, exploration, interaction with the world? For the latter, additional steps to resolve combat slow down the progression of your game.

@Abstruse depends on flavour. In the mundane D&D 13th Age roll vs static defence is better than "saving throws".

In the OTT manga esque Exalted, it's (another) opportunity for characters to show off (which is canonically why Dragonball Z power up attacks lasted several episodes). 😀

@Abstruse I think it's important to limit the number of steps in resolving any one combat action, but rolling for defense is fine as long as it's the only defense, and there aren't also things like a hit threshold or damage reduction.

At a live table it helps with engagement to have people roll things when it's not their turn, but in asynchronous play (like text games over Discord) it bogs things down a lot. So the audience is worth thinking about.

@Abstruse At that point I think it needs to be no longer attack vs defense but attack vs attack. I pretty strongly hew to the idea every roll should matter, and rolling just to nullify something is not good. Something else needs to happen if my “defense” roll is better. Like me doing damage.

I think I figured out what I miss most on here from other sites: Humor accounts. I need more accounts that are just for funsies posting memes and jokes and stuff.

Anyone have any suggestions to follow?

Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News (December 4, 2022) - Not nearly as chaotic as Black Friday/Cyber Monday last week, but still a lot of good deals! Also AND charity bundles?! It really IS Christmas!

@Abstruse Defense rolls work, but they slow the game down. One way to speed things back up again is to allow riposte damage on a good melee defense. Either way it really changes the dynamics of combat.

@Abstruse Not a general rule, but I find it slows things down. Worse however is it feels like a high wif factor for players and if the game system isn't careful the swinginess can be way too high one turn and then way to low the next.

@Abstruse I think it depends on the pace of play that you want.

If you want faster play, rolling against a number smooths combat to keep things moving.

You can add more variables if you want a more tactical combat play.

A middle ground would be that some characters don't know how to defend, and characters with martial abilities would have more options (a seasoned warrior wouldn't just let themselves be hit, they would be trained in attack and defense).

Question for folks: What are you thoughts on rolling for defense? In other words, rules systems or variants that have both the attacker and defender make rolls during combat rather than just having the attacker roll against a static defense number?

When #WeirdAl recorded "Dare to Be Stupid", he played it for Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, whose style he paid hommage to. His reaction Mark describes in this interview clip and it's beyond funny.
He sounds so devastated. Like Salieri in #Amadeus after he encounters Mozart.

Wondering if there's any other UK TTRPG people here on Mastadon and Dice Camp?

#ttrpg #ttrpgcommunity #ttrpguk

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